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Who has the best online fax services for 2020?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated October 26, 2020

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Introduction- What is an Online Fax

Online Fax is a method of sending a facsimile through the internet performed to almost any internet-enabled device .The technology makes use of Internet Protocol ( IP) to send a facsimile without the need of a regular fax machine and a standard telephone connection. The receiver can either get the faxes from an online Fax provider or a regular fax machine. This is in contrast to other kinds of internet communications like emails since online Fax can send communications to telephone-based fax machines.

 There are various ways to send or receive faxes through online faxes. This can either be via email faxing wherein mail servers such as Gmail etc. process faxes, via mobile faxing which turns a mobile phone or tablet into a fax machine be it android or IOS operated. Web faxing is another way wherein you need to use a web-based application with your desktop to send or receive a fax. . The last method is through fax API allowing a virtual application, system or software to process faxes.

 Online Fax lessens communication costs instead of sending long faxes often through the traditional telephone-based fax machine. It is secure, more convenient and also legally binding. Received faxes are in digital forms or printed paper documents through a choice of online fax services such as Ringcentral fax, Hellofax, and Trustfax etc.

Ringcentral Fax-(Features/How to Use/Company Information)


Ringcentral Fax is an online fax service that incorporates with Dropbox, Box and Google Docs. It has advanced and convenient features. First, a user opts to select a toll- free, local or vanity fax number to send and receive faxes. Second, faxes appear as emails on one’s inbox. Ringcentral Fax online account stores the faxes automatically. Third, one can easily send fax to a group just by choosing people from the contact list, creating and designating a group name then selecting the group in FaxOut. Without caller IDs one can block faxes from senders. Fourth, it notifies users for new faxes through mobile text messages .Fifth it provides safe faxing since it uses an encrypted connection for outgoing faxes. Incoming faxes are safely stored at one’s password-protected online account. Sixth, it incorporates with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive for quick faxing through desktops or mobile devices. Seventh, it provides customized, electronic faxes and lastly, it provides an online account for its users to track their fax logs. 

How to Use Ringcentral:

Sending and Receiving fax online with Ringcentral is easy. When sending, simply open your account in the Ringcentral mobile or desktop application then create a new fax by inputting the receiver’s fax number and message text. When adding a file, simply attach it from Drop Box, Box, Google Drive or any Microsoft office application or you can also send faxes through email by simply using the receiver’s fax number The email content or any attachment turns as the fax pages.

To receive a fax online, either Ringcentral assigns you a number with your own fax number or you can make use of your present number. Received internet faxes emerged as email attachments that you can send, file or print.

Company Information:

Ringcentral is an American company and a global leader in providing advanced cloud-based communications solutions.. Presently, it has US and international offices in Canada , United Kingdom, France, Australia, China, Hong kong and the Philippines

Hellofax (Features/How to Use/Company Information)


Hellofax is an online fax provider allowing users to interchange faxes, demand signatures and complete write in forms. It is known for its free plan offers which other providers rarely do. It has paid plans for home offices, professionals, for small businesses and for enterprises .A free plan is just one-time use for those without monthly plans and applies only to an outgoing fax. The features of Hellofax are Customized API, Enabled email faxing, multiple fax receivers, electronic signatures, coverage of over 70 countries overseas, merging with Google, keeping of documents online via Google Drive, Evernot, Dropbox and One Drive, protection and security of documents with AES-256 encryption, low monthly subscription for enterprise plans with a team of up to 20 users.


How to Use:

Sending a fax with Hellofax is easy. It simply requires a computer ,an email address and a stable internet connection.Just log in to your online account and you will be automatically directed to “Send a fax” page.


Company Information:

Hellofax was introduced by Hellosign, the inventor of globally used e-signatures platforms simplifying the signing of documents online. The main office is US –based and just recently, the company was launched in additional 21 languages.

Trustfax (Features/How to Use/Company Information)


Trustfax is an online fax provider that covers only fax numbers in the US, It does not have a mobile application but uses a web application instead acting as its remote fax machine. Subscribers interconnect with it via a web browser.

Faxes pass through emails and appear as email attachments and are converted automatically into PDFs. Trusfax also provides a 30-day free trial for international faxes, and applies a toll-free or local number in 50 states as part of its subscription package. Aside from plain text, it also enables a variety of supported file formats for its facsimiles. 

On the other hand, its subscription charges are not competitive with a limited number of benefits. It is also quite outdated. Another thing is that faxes are automatically deleted after 30 days or subscribers pay USD$ 0.03 per month for the retention. Trustfax also owns the right to every fax number assigned to its customers.

How to use

Using Trustfax is easy. One can simply send and receive faxes by one’s own email account. These faxes are accessible any time at one's Trustfax account online where they are safely and automatically saved.

Online Trustfax accounts are also used as medium for faxes. One can simply sign in to one’s account that directs him to fill up an online form, upload and attach a file and then press the Send Fax Button.


Trustfax is managed by J2 Global Incorporated, a US company specializing in Business Clouds Services. Trustfax is among its online fax services.


After an extensive analysis, Ringcentral Fax is the best choice. While online fax providers have a number of common attributes, Ringcentral Fax’s flexibility, multi-device feature and strict security stand out among the rest. It is also more manageable with its modern features. Money wise, it is more practical with many benefits aside having a professional, trusted and empowered management.