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What is online faxing and what is the best service provider?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 1, 2021

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Faxing is an integral part for almost all offices because it is a good way for sending and receiving documents. While e-mailing is also very important, a dedicated technology for faxing is still a must if users want high-quality documents that are exchanged with each other easily. Nowadays, traditional faxing are no longer the best options for offices. This is mainly because of the outdated technology it uses that requires users to regularly maintain it to solve its common issues, its constant need for ink, and most importantly, its use of telephone lines.

Online Faxing

Online faxing is the modern equivalent for traditional faxing. Instead of using telephone lines, this technology connects to the internet for faxing. Instead of using fax machines, it only needs users to have a computer or smart device for receiving documents and their phone’s camera or a scanner for sending. These are all available in most offices which means that many can transition to this type of faxing easily. This, along with their cheaper rates and additional features when compared to having to purchase and maintain a traditional machine, makes it a must-have for many offices.

Why is online faxing better?

With online faxing, users are granted many features only made possible with the use of the internet. First, documents can be stored in cloud storage. This means that faxes do not have to be printed and stored physically anymore which goes well with companies who want less paper usage. This also makes it easier to access the documents especially if the company has purchased abundant storage from services such as Google Drive, Box, or DropBox. Only those with permission for accessing this will see it which also ensures the privacy of documents.

Next, online faxing allows users to gain access to multiple tools. First is the digital signature tool, which, as the name implies, allows users to simply paste their signature to different documents instead of having to print, sign, and re-scan these. Next, users can also increase the quality of their documents, add comments and checkboxes, and more. These documents also come in multiple file formats depending on the preference of users. 

Similar to e-mailing, online faxing allows users to send documents to groups of people and contacts. They can also even schedule the sending of faxes. 

Online faxing can be managed using an online interface available for your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here, users can check the progress of sending and receiving of documents, integrate the faxing service with their office tools, and see a preview of the document before sending it. This gives them more control over the documents that they send. These are simply harder to do for traditional faxes which make a lot of companies transition to this new technology.

Who is the best online faxing service providers?

As of 2021, the best online faxing service is RingCentral Fax. Upon checking their service, we found it to be an all-around service that provides amazing quality for faxing, features, and pricing. 

RingCentral Fax

The company was launched back in 1999 and is currently based in California. Aside from online faxing, they are also known for their VoIP services. They are an all-around office communications company that offers stellar quality for their products, customer service, and more.  


One of the best parts of RingCentral is its interface that is modern, clean, and vibrant. Its design is competent compared to other office applications of 2021. In its web interface, users are given a dashboard where important features can easily be seen. Here, users can manage their different documents, see the progress of their documents, and more. In case users also subscribe to the VoIP services of RingCentral, they can also manage its features in one interface, making it a one-stop for all communication services of RingCentral. 

The application has a good notification service which can be optimized to send either SMS alerts or e-mails for updates.

For sending faxes, users can simply choose the recipients, write their cover page, and then upload the document that they will send. They have a wide range of file formats for their application which makes sending and receiving faxes easier. Users can also easily schedule the sending of the faxes in case they need it. 

Mobile and PC applications

One of the best parts of RingCentral is their mobile and PC application which can be easily be accessed and learned upon first using. These can run fast when tested in our Android and Windows 10 gadgets. The features are arranged properly for users to click. 

Quality of faxing

The documents we sent using RingCentral Fax did not disappoint in terms of quality. It mainly retained most of the details and text we originally scanned. We also did not experience any failed document sending. 

Even if it is an online faxing service, it can still send and receive documents from traditional faxing. Users can also use their old numbers to this service which is known as porting. This makes it easier to transition to their service without losing all of your contacts.

Should you try out RingFax?

RingCentral Fax is the most recommended online faxing service because of its simplicity of usage and its intuitive design which most users can instantly get familiar with. Its users are all important and easy to use. Those who are already familiar with using e-mail can be immediately comfortable with the service. In terms of the quality of faxing, RingCentral Fax also does not disappoint. Its features such as fax scheduling, group sending, and more are all high-quality. This, along with the good pricing plans of RingCentral, makes it the best option for users this 2021.