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What is internet-based faxing and why should you use it?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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Faxing documents have always been part of the office set-up. This has always been the case for both traditional and modern offices. Because of this, it is continuously innovated and improved to match newer needs. Online based faxing is its most modern iteration. This service mainly revolves around the use of the internet along with either a computer or a mobile device for sending and receiving faxes. This convenience and the fact that it is entirely online makes it compatible with many modern offices. If you just want to see what we thought of the bigger and better companies take a look at our list of best online fax services.

How does internet faxing work?

Instead of having to scan every document before sending, users can simply scan using their mobile phones. This will then be sent to the application of the internet faxing service. They can then send it to a faxing number or through the email of a recipient. Keep in mind that this service is fully compatible for sending and receiving with traditional fax machines which makes it very convenient to use. The service does not need a landline to function which many smaller businesses do not have. The service is compatible with different file types such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and more to ensure maximum compatibility with many recipients. We have found internet faxing to be a great option for smaller businesses that are just starting out, as well as large companies that want to get away from renting or maintenance  of the older units. 

Benefits/Features of faxing online

Because it is entirely online, users are given a lot of features that makes the whole process much easier and faster. The following are our favorite features among the services that we have reviewed:

Reliable security and encryption – Traditional faxing is vulnerable to having the documents be printed and read by people without authorization. In contrast, online faxing ensures that the document will have appropriate security when sent and received. This is done by having a lot of encryption methods which can make it hard for hackers to intercept and to be able to read the documents you send. This is a very important tool which ensures that many companies which handle sensitive data such as legal and medical records will be able to use it. To ensure that users will be given maximum security and document privacy, check for HIPAA certifications.

Document marking – With online faxing, you are given an interface where you can modify your documents before sending. One of the best tools is the digital signature tool which you can use to save your signature to their database which can then be imprinted to the document of your choice. This whole process removes the need to print, sign, and then scan the documents again. Other types of marking you can put are watermarks, highlights, annotations, and more.

High-quality documents – Online faxing ensures that you will always have the best quality. This is ensured with the use of multiple file formats which can handle huge file sizes that can accommodate a lot of pixels. Popular file formats include PDF, GIF, and PNG.

Multiple delivery options – Online faxing has a very easy process for sending documents. With them, you can select multiple choices at once. You can also choose to send up to 20 recipients at once or even more depending on your service. This removes the need to continuously send them one by one which is a common complaint with the traditional fax.

Email features – Online faxing is greatly similar to emailing. Because of this, additional clutter and things that make faxing slower will be removed because users can get access to blacklists, spam folders, and the likes.

Delivery tracker – These services will let you know the status of your faxing, from sending it up to it being received. This will help you know if there are any lost faxes and unreceived ones. With the use of the internet and modern tech, the stability of the service is expected to be almost always available.

Integration with other services – A very good feature for this service is integration with other services. For example, users can use their online cloud storage spaces such as Google Drive, Box, and more to store their faxes securely. Some services also allow you to connect directly to the Microsoft Office applications and Google’s different office applications.

Easily document organization – With the application, you can easily store your faxes in an organized manner. Users can easily scan for their old faxes and sort them depending on recipient, date of sending, and more.

Should you be using online faxing services?

Aside from the multiple features that you can get from this type of faxing, there are a lot of advantages with this faxing method.

First, users do not need to regularly maintain the expensive faxing machine. This is known for having a lot of printing issues, the fact that it regularly runs out of ink, and its huge bulk. With online faxing, users only need either a smartphone or a computer for it to work.

The service also does not need a landline service which many new offices nowadays do not use anymore. This is a great relief for many offices as many already have the basics needed for online faxing. This also removes additional costs to the business.

In case you already have the infrastructure for the service, it is definitely recommended over traditional faxing. It is also expected for the service to even become developed as newer features are added by its developers. It is a good long-term investment for the office.

Who do we rank as the best online fax service?

RingCentral is our top choice. The company offers reliable services, high quality of faxing, and flexible payment plans good for both small companies and corporations. With them, companies can get local numbers for up to 49 states and the District of Columbia. The service can also be easily integrated with RingCentral’s VoIP service.


Online faxing is the modern solution to traditional faxing. Users can use it with simply a computer and an internet connection. Because of this, it has access to multiple features that can greatly speed up faxing for all offices.