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What are the best online faxing services today? What are its features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 27, 2021

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Faxing has always been an important part of the office. Sending and receiving documents are vital for the flow of information and for communication. Because of this, countless innovations have been done to improve the system. One of the best ones is to fully integrate the service into an online platform available for all offices. Online faxes are the modern equivalent of the old method of faxing which used to rely on bulky machines that needed to be connected to landlines. With online faxing, anyone with a mobile device for scanning and an internet connection can use the service.

How does it work?

The best online faxing integrates everything online which is why many offices can use it. Basically, users can scan a document through a mobile phone or a scanner, send it to their scanning service, and then send it to the recipient. They can use either an e-mail address or a faxing number which makes it possible for them to connect to those who still use traditional faxing machines. Being online, this service naturally comes with a lot of features that makes the process easier and more convenient.

There are a lot of features to look for in an online faxing service.  This includes the following:

·Digital Signatures – this allows the user to simply save their signature into a secure database. They can then imprint this on whatever document. This removes the need to print, sign, and then rescan the document every time. The signature will be kept secure and will always be safe.

·Easy sending process – being online, the whole process has a very simple interface where users can organize the faxes they send and receive. They can also send to multiple users with just a couple of clicks.

·Reliable security – Some companies such as those that deal with healthcare and legal papers need utmost security for their documents. Because of this, multiple online faxing services use safe encryption and even have HIPAA certifications to show that it is very secure to use.

·Multiple compatibility – the documents that you send and receive can come in various file forms to make it compatible with almost any device. Included in the file formats are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and more which ensures a very easy online faxing process.

What are the best online faxing services?

Our first choice – RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax has always been a popular choice for many users, and for good reason. With the service being easily connected to their VoIP service, most big companies take advantage of their services as a whole package. Even with this, the standalone online faxing service is still largely reliable for many users. For them, users can access either unlimited plans or page-limited ones depending on their needs and their budgets. They also allow a 30-day trial first which shows their confidence in their services and the quality of their faxes.

Included in their features are the following:

· They have a large document limit that can allow up to 200 pages that are within 20 MB.

· They have no limits when it comes to the number of recipients which can be faxed for every message.

· They allow seamless integration to their service by allowing number porting. Users can also get local numbers for up to 49 states.

· They are HIPAA certified which makes them very secure for many offices.

· They offer both a desktop and a mobile application which raises the convenience of their service. Their interface is also very complimented because of its simplicity and its modern design.

Our second choice – HelloFax

HelloFax is a great choice that allows users to use their services entirely free. Users are given five free faxes to send every month. They cannot receive faxes, though. This is a good feature that allows users to test the features of the service without a time limit contrary to other companies.

With them, users are given a unique pricing plan for international faxing which they are well-known for. They assign a certain coefficient based on the country where the fax will be sent to which the pricing will be multiplied.

Included in the features of the application are the following:

·The service is easily integrated with Google. Through this, you can use your Gmail account for the service which gives easy integration with its applications such as Docs, Forms, and Sheets. This also gives extra security for the service. Lastly, this is an easy way to incorporate your existing storage in Google Drive for your faxes.

·Users can create local numbers for up to 50 states.

·They have one of the best digital signature options which allows users to simply sign documents without the need to rescan them again.

Our third choice – TrustFax

TrustFax is the choice for those with a little more budget who want a seamless faxing process. With them, users can expect almost no downtime, an easy faxing infrastructure, and a very simple Web interface. They easily convert files to PDFs.

Included in their features are the following:

·A 30-day trial to test out their features

·Has no need for additional payment for receiving faxes long-distance

·Has reliable security and encryption

·Has a very simple interface

·HIPAA compliant which makes it safe to use for healthcare and legal papers

·Allows multiple file formats to be sent and received


The ease of use is a huge feature of online faxing brings it one step above traditional faxing services. Along with the easier way of sending faxes the improvements also include digital signatures, online storage, and reliable encryption which makes it worthwhile. This, partnered with its convenience, makes it a must-have for all offices regardless of size. For this, our best choice is RingCentral Fax, followed by HelloFax, and by TrustFax. These services have reliable features that balance convenience, security, and fast faxing for their users.