HelloFax Review

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated October 30, 2020

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Dealing with papers from writing, printing, reading to storage is something not everyone enjoys doing. Thanks to technology, today we boast online fax services that have made us get rid of fax machines. Among these online companies, HelloFax is one of the most reliable you will find out there. 

Who makes HelloFax?

HelloFax is an online cloud based documents signing and sharing services that help users to exchange faxes, fills out forms and request signatures. The provider was made by HelloFax Company located in San Francisco, California in the US. The company offers mid level services that target individuals as well as small and medium organization. 

What Features does HelloFax offer?

User Friendly Interface 

HelloFax interface is very straightforward and keeps things clean and simple. Their service options are the most basic among the top online fax services we evaluated. To get started with the provider, you just need an email to sign in and get a fax number of the area code of your choice. Once you sign in your count, a menu bar appears on the top left of the screen displaying your options. It also displays a dashboard pane from which you can see your entire fax history. With the dashboard, you can monitor what you sent and to whom.  

However, we realized that the admin cannot easily monitor the fax history of every user from a single account. Another disappointment was that an address book was missing. Meaning, you can't store the recipient contacts. You will have to key in the recipient fax number manually for every fax.  


Fax Numbers 

HelloFax offers fact numbers only in the US, Canada, and the UK. Does that mean you can't send or receive messages from other countries? You can; in fact, we were able to send faxes to 7 different countries. However, this will significantly compromise your monthly page allotment. In some countries, each page counts as five pages.   

The company doesn’t hold right to any number and the number can be ported out. Besides, you can convert your existing numbers from other services to work with HelloFax. However, this is only possible if your number is within the US or Canada and you subscribe to not lower than professional level plan. The $60 conversion rate seems a bit steep, but it is one of the best we evaluated.  



We were impressed by the fact that HelloFax allows you to manage a team of users. Members of your organization can easily send and receive faxes through the provider web portal or via client email. The best part, you can control who receives faxes and increase additional lines to your account. A very ideal provider for an organization where the manager wants to have a direct fax line for different individuals or projects. 


Editing and signing a file is just by a click on the button that appears below the file, thanks to the built-in editor infused with HelloSign capability. With this feature, you can add your signature or initials to the document you are sending with a lot of ease. 


Portability and Integration 

We were disappointed to learn that HelloFax doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app. A designated mobile app is very handy since it enables you to easily select a document, sign, and send it within the palm of your hand. You can integrate their mail service with your mobile mail app and send the fax messages but this doesn't work as great as a designated HelloFax app.  

You can link your HelloFax account to cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and DropBox so that you easily access your files when you want.  


Plan and Pricing 

HelloFax offers a free tier that enables you to send up to five pages. However, you cannot receive a fax with this plan and the page allocation doesn’t refresh monthly either. The subsequent monthly pages under this plan cost $.99 for up to 10 pages. Every page over that limit will cost you $.20.  

That would be a very great plan for someone who sends faxes occasionally maybe to an insurance company. The free plan is a great deal given that some of the services we tested do not even offer a free tier while some required a credit card to sign in for a trial account.  

But who would want to send faxes without receiving the feedback? If you want to receive fax messages, you will have to sign in for the entry-level Home Office Plan. This tier costs $9.99 a month and will give you 300 pages of combined sent and received faxes per month. If you need an additional fax line for an individual team member, you will have to part with $4.99 per month.  

It would be cheaper if you opt for a higher tier rather than adding an individual fax line. A professional tier charges a generous $19.99 and offers 500 pages per month with up to 10 team members. If you require more than ten members, you can get up to 20 people with the Small Business tier which provides 1000 pages at a cost of $39.99 per month.   

Feel free to contact the company in case you want more than 20 team members or more pages or you want access to HelloFax API. They offer an enterprise-level account that will offer you all the services. 

What are the Benefits of the HelloFax?

HelloFax offers an excellent interface that is very clear and straightforward to navigate. It is very ideal for new online fax users since it doesn’t require a steep learning curve. The interface makes it easier to sign up and get all the resources ready in a simplified form.  

Once you register, a free 5 fax is given that is very handy while sending occasional fax messages like when applying for a student loan. Overall, the three subscribed plan tiers are cheap given the number of monthly page allotment that they offer.  

The provider also integrates with top cloud storage services such that you can have a long list of your fax history that you can access any time you want.  

Final thoughts on HelloFax

HelloFax succeeds where other online fax services don’t and it is a true fax machine replacement. With the quality of the fax and the services that the provider offers, it is a good value for money. You can log in for free and take advantage of a free tier plan to access their straightforward interface and evaluate it. Feel free to share with us your experience during your test.  When we reviewed HelloFax we found it to be one of the best in the industry and worth a look if you are looking to retire your old fax machine that is taking up space in the office.