TrustFax Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

Online faxing service


Online faxing is a necessity nowadays in businesses even without the current pandemic set-up. This service allows you to send scanned documents through almost any device that is connected to the internet and has a camera. This comes with a lot of features that makes the process easier and more convenient such as digital signatures, online encryption, international faxing, and more. This can also be integrated with your current email service to make the process integrated in your everyday online work.

Who is Trustfax?

TrustFax is a service that has been around since 2005 and has since been bought by j2 Global Communications which also owns companies such as Send2Fax,, eFax, and more. The product aims to be one of the top products with its abundant features, top-tier quality of faxing, and more. The product consistently ranks high in online reviews and we found this to be true when we did a review of Trustfax.

Trustfax Features

One of the best parts about the product is their unlimited online storage. Most companies would charge per gigabyte used which makes it expensive to use in the long-term given how many files are used by companies on the regular. With this, users are free to input as many as files as they want without any limitations. This also has very good encryption and security which ensures that the documents will be kept very securely and will be very hard to hack.

The application can also be used for free for a maximum of 30 days. In this period, you can use almost all of the features of the application which makes it a good time to test if the service will be good for your long-term use. This is because users can save more if they purchase a plan for several months. For example, users can save up to 16% if they plan to pay for an entire year.

Another highlight from the application is their e-signature feature. This allows you to save your signature in their database which you can then apply to any document you want to. This removes the need to print out the document and sign it every time. Users are also assured that only allowed users will view the signature and that it won’t be incorporated for other usages. We have done a lot of reviews of the best online fax services and found Trustfaxs' featuers to be some of the best offered.

The application offers numbers for up to 50 states which makes it usable for a lot of areas. They also allow international faxing using standard rates that are quite affordable as their base price for the services is already expensive. They also have free numbers including (855), (877), and (866).

Trustfax customer support

During office hours, users can call for their customer support. Upon testing, they were very thorough in explaining the different usages of its features. Users can also submit their questions through email which will be replied to within a day.

Trustfax interface

The interface of the application is very simple and modern. Here, users can view the different features using helpful icons and fonts that makes it very easy to be familiar with the application. Adding e-mails is also very easy to do. Being notified whenever you receive an application is also simple.

Downsides of Trustfax

The first downside we saw with the application was the fact that it does not have a mobile application. This severely limits the convenience of the application as many users do most of their emailing using their phones nowadays especially those who prefer to work from home. There are also a lot of applications that already offer this service without any additional payments and with lower base rates.

Next, the service is known for being one of the most expensive online faxing services. With them, users will pay over $10 per month for only 300 pages which is quite a few compared to other services. These rates, when compared to their page allocation, may be more suited for mid-tier businesses because it


TrustFax is one of the most expensive services in the market. However, it makes up for this with its unlimited online storage that doesn’t require any additional fees. Its additional security and encryption makes all your files very private. The application also comes with a good digital signature feature that raises the convenience of sending and receiving faxes. Their interface is also very beginner friendly. If your company has the money for the service and wants unlimited storage, the application is very recommended.


  •         Has a very good digital signature feature
  •         Offers numbers for up to 50 states
  •         Trustfax ffers international faxing
  •         Offers unlimited online storage without additional fees
  •         Has a very simple and beginner-friendly user interface
  •         Has good customer support


  •         Has no mobile application
  •         Quite expensive