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What is the best background check service today?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

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Looking for information online nowadays is very easy. This can be done through social media channels. However, not everyone is willing to have an active online presence and some may be reluctant to share most of their information. Aside from this, some people may have a hard time looking for their long-lost contacts especially if they are not that proficient in using the computer. For this, users are recommended to use online background check services. These are built for anyone who wants an all-in-one service to look for the best background check report about someone which is updated and reliable.

Background Check Services

These are services that are the direct answer to the need for an online private investigator. These services can be used to have a full information list about a specific person. It is not illegal in any way as it uses reliable information coming from publicly available records and those provided by the government. Basically, the point of using the service is to have a tool that can summarize all of this info in a single comprehensive report. The data that they use are also continuously updated and ensured to be reliable for users.

Background check services are not free. Typically, what they charge users is the service of gathering all of the information in the span of minutes. Instead of having the user go through hours of searching online just to look for information about a person, they can simply do a few clicks with this service and have an instant report for them. This can be done with only tidbits of information about the person that you are trying to get information for such as their full name, their address, or their mobile phone number. Because of this, many users will have complete information without exerting too much effort.

What are the best services for this?

Our first choice – TruthFinder

TruthFinder has always been our best choice for a background check service. Its main selling point is the accuracy of the information which should always be the priority of users to ensure that the information they get is good. With them, users can have access to a mobile app available for both iOS and Android which makes it very convenient to do a search no matter where you are. They offer a lot of variety when it comes to the information you can use for searching a person which makes it very easy to conduct a search.

With them, users can select a plan that lets them have unlimited background checks for a specified time limit which makes it good for those who plan to regularly use the service. Upon testing, they had one of the most complete reports provided to us compared to other services. They also include a social media link which can be used to contact the persona after doing a search. This makes it easy to reconnect with past contacts.

Our second choice – Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another solid choice for users that is slightly ranked lower because of the lack of a choice to purchase individual reports in case you only need to do a few background checks.

Aside from this, the service still has a lot of pros. First, their user interface is one of the simplest and easiest to navigate. Users can easily check through the different features of the application. Creating a search is fast and seamless because of the smart design.

Next, they also have one of the best reliability in terms of the information that they provide. They use extensive background checking using a lot of reliable sources. With them, users can also have access to a convenient mobile application.

One of the best parts about the application is that they allow multiple search methods which can make it easier to start a background check even without much information about the user. Next, the application also has a very affordable trial that only costs $1 that lasts for up to five days. This makes it easier to see if the service is good for you and if you want to continue paying for them.

Our third choice – Verispy

Verispy also places high on our list because of its speed in generating results. Even with this, it manages to provide very accurate results which makes it a good choice for those who are always on the go. With them, you can have results within only 30 seconds of scanning. The application may not have the most complete set of information provided but it checks the most important boxes such as providing legal records, marriage records, and the likes. It uses a very simple interface whose features are written very simply and intuitively for easy usage.

The service has a 7-day free trial for their service for you to see if it is good for you. The service goes through many reliable sources of information which includes local and federal sources.

One of the best parts about the service is that they automatically cancel the plan of the user after the duration of the payment. This ensures that users will not accidentally pay for their services anymore in case they only forgot to cancel their subscription. This is a healthy practice that ensures that they are very reliable. If you want more information about their services make sure to read our full Verispy review.



In the end, our best choice is TruthFinder because it is the perfect balance of good pricing plans, user’s convenience, and accuracy of information. Instant Checkmate is a very good choice because of its very good user interface and its multiple search methods. Lastly, Verispy is also a good choice because of their subscription process and its fast generation of results. In the end, the best choice still depends on your budget and preference.