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What are the features of TradeStation?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 17, 2021

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TradeStation is a trading platform that has long been the staple for many expert users and big-time investors. With its recent innovations and a 0$ startup, it has started to attract the average consumer who wants to dip their toes in the investing world.

The company is a subsidiary of Monex Group which is based in Japan. They are known for always being a reliable innovator that can be seen with the countless new trading tools and analysis graphics that they provide users. They have since expanded their platform to be available for mobile, both iOS and Android, to raise convenience for their users.

Desktop application

TradeStation has several features to make investing a breeze while using desktop computers.

First is RadarScreen which can be used to see the real-time ranking of up to 1,000 symbols. You can also have up to 180 indicators which can be customized for exact needs and criteria. These features can be used to quickly see trading opportunities as they become available. This can be easily modified using TradeStation’s own programming language called EasyLanguage that uses statements similar to English for customizing strategies and indicators. Users can easily get familiar with this.

Trading is best done when you have full knowledge about the history of the company and the products and their trajectory in sales. Because of this, TradeStation has a useful Strategical Back-Testing tool which can give you summarized historical market data about any trade ideas that you think of. This can gear up your expectations about it before you fully start your trade.

The application also uses the Matrix which is an all-in-one viewing tool. It combines order entry, order-tracking, and market depth viewing all in one tool. It can also be controlled with clicking and dragging.

Trading naturally needs multiple applications to gear the user with more choices. This is why TradeStation contains a lot of built-in trading apps, each with a specific feature that can aid trading. This can be accessed with the TradingApp Store inside the application filled with apps made by independent devs.

Users also have access to OptionStation Pro that lets them see the different options they have for trading through the use of visual option chains.

Finally, users can have a full trading simulation for them to see possibilities of events for their investments. Here, they can test out their trading strategies, hone their skills, and have simulation of demo trades using data that is continuously updated to be able to mirror real-life trading as much as possible. This can also be done for free. This allows the users to rethink vulnerabilities in their strategies before fully investing.

One of the most complimented parts of the service is its interface which is still continuously developed and improved by TradeStation. The application is also automatically updated to make it good for real-time usage. Through this application, trading is made easy and fast for all users.

TradeStation Mobile app

Their mobile applications available for both iOS and Android are also highly convenient and useful for all. This almost mirrors the desktop app in terms of usefulness and technology.

With the app, users can instantly find streaming quotes for cryptocurrencies, options, stocks, and more in real-time in a single interface that simply shows this. Users can easily customize it to arm it with familiar and easily understood symbols.

Analyzing market trends and popular options is easy with the application. This helps in customizing your experience to match the current updates. The Matrix tool also greatly helps in its mobile version that lets you instantly see market price depth and information. Through this, you can easily see opportunities for stocks, ETFs, and more. You can select the routing, type, duration, and more of your trade. The application also allows easy navigation from your account to orders.

The Tradestation mobile application has easy notification settings that instantly tells you about volume, net change, and more. It has easy charts that lets you see patterns and trends quickly and based on real-time data.

Tradestation Features

One of the best innovations of the product is to make it more friendlier for beginner users. This is due to the recent uptick in users with more time on their hands and spending money for investing. Because of ths, the application and its website has a lot of guides available for users. This includes teaching about the basics of trading, how the application can be used for it, and in-depth information abouts its different features.

They also have a well-designed support forum where users can discuss questions, trends, and have advice from peers. They also have a chat service with a live representative available on their website for fast responses for your questions.

Account options

The service allows a wide range of customers for their services. The first option is to have an individual or joint account mostly recommended for those still active at work and who want to dedicate some moy for trading. This is their most popular choice which can be upgraded later.

Next is the Retirement account that allows flexible IRA options for you to meet specific monetary goals once you retire. The last choice is the Entity account that allows corporations and companies to invest.


The service is very convenient for users because of its intuitive controls and simple interface. Its features are very helpful for analyzing real-time data trends and historical market data.