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As the internet gets more advanced and accessible to the masses, lots of new opportunities open up. You can consume so many forms of entertainment in it, learn almost every subject on earth, and of course, you can also earn a living through the internet.

One of those opportunities is trading. It used to be only a select few people that could have access not only to making the trade, but also to the knowledge behind it. But everything is different now. You can do almost every aspect related to trading through the internet. 

But although ways have opened up to new traders, experienced ones still have a problem of their own. Particularly regarding testing their own trading strategies. Fortunately, there's a company called Tradestation that could cater to the needs of traders at every level.

About Tradestation

Tradestation is a company that offers an all-in-one solution for all of your trading needs. From providing the tools to test your custom trading strategies, to the trusted brokerage that offers all kinds of trading products, and a platform to learn all things related to trading. You can do it all with Tradestation. 

Tradestation was started when its founder, brothers William and Rafael Cruz, wanted to test their trading strategies but couldn't find the right tool to do it. So they decided to develop the tool themselves and called it EasyLanguage and ended up founding a company called Omega Research in the 1980s.

In 2001, the company changed its name into Tradestation, and began the transition into an online security brokerage while still offering their advanced trading tools. And in 2019, they acquired a company called YouCanTrade and began to implement an education platform into their existing business model.

Features of Tradestation
  • Statistical modeling of trading strategies. This is one of the unique tools that you could use with Tradestation. With this feature, you could create advanced custom trading strategies and also test it using their extensive historical data.
  • Multiple trading products. Tradestation has a very extensive selection of trading products that you could choose from. Be it the conventional stocks and bonds, derivatives like options and futures, and even things like IPOs, ETFs, and Crypto currency, all of them are available in Tradestation. 
  • Advanced analytical tools. Thanks to their background in developing advanced trading tools, Tradestation is equipped with advanced analytical tools that you could use to implement your trading strategies. You could also use it to analyze numerous variables that could help your decision making process.
  • Massive historical database. Other than an online brokerage, Tradestation also offers tools to plan and test your trading strategies and also tools for beginners to learn about trading. That’s why Tradestation has a massive historical database that even goes back 30 years for some assets.
  • Market insight and resources. Because Tradestation strives to be the one-stop solution for all of your trading needs, they provide a robust and extensive market insight and all kinds of resources to help traders with their trading studies and decision making.
  • Trading education. Since it acquired the trading learning platform called YouCanTrade in 2019, Tradestation has transformed itself into a robust trading platform that would welcome new traders and guide them to be full-fledged traders by using their powerful tools and massive data.
Can you trade Crypto with Tradestation

Ever since the appearance of Bitcoin and the BlockChain technology behind it in 2009, crypto currency has gained a massive popularity as a new asset to trade. But it used to be hard to get into the crypto and not many people trade or even understand how it works. 

But as time goes by, the internet makes it more mainstream and accessible. Lots of people began to see crypto as a proper investment opportunity. And one of the online brokerages that quickly provides the platform for traders who wish to trade with crypto is Tradestation.

So yes, you can trade Crypto with Tradestation. And when I write this article, Tradestation is actually one of the few large online brokerages where you can actively trade it. They offer multiple crypto from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and lots of others with a competitive price.

Pros of Tradestation
  • Stable performance. As an online brokerage, Tradestation makes sure to provide you with little to no downtime. With Tradestation, you are guaranteed to be able to trade anytime and anywhere you want. That’s why you can always rest assured when trading with Tradestation. 
  • Multiplatform. And since Tradestation always tries to make it easier for you to trade, they provide a way for you to trade no matter where you are by being available to multiple platforms. With Tradestation, you can trade from your PC, Mac, Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Excellent customer service. Whenever you encounter any problems when trading, learning, or using advanced analytical tools from Tradestation, you can visit their official F.A.Q sections or contact their excellent customer support teams 24/7.
Cons of Tradestation
  • Steep learning curve. Tradestation provides one of the most advanced planning, testing, and analytical tools for traders. Unfortunately, those powerful tools require a steep learning curve in order to fully utilize its capabilities. Which could be hard for the newcomers to get used to.
  • Complicated pricing. Tradestation offers one of the most extensive selection of trading products in the market. Unfortunately, there are no universal pricing principles for all of them. Each product has their own pricing plans and certain conditions would incur different pricing. This will easily confuse new traders and have a potential to create hidden fees that would surprise them.

Lots of people consider trading as something hard to understand and therefore inaccessible to the common people. They think it requires a specific background and education in order to be a trader. But all of that gradually changes as the internet becomes available to the masses. 

As for the advanced traders, they often developed complex trading plans only to find that there's little to no tools available to test it out. And that's where Tradestation comes in. They have been providing tools and solutions to help with your trading strategies. 

And now, Tradestation has become a one-stop solution that could help new traders get into trading while also providing advanced planning and analytical tools for advanced traders. Not only that, Tradestation also has lots of trading products that you could choose from. 

While it does have some cons such as a steep learning curve and complicated pricing, its features and benefits greatly outweighs its weaknesses. That's why if you're serious about trading, you should give them a try, and if you want more information take a read of our full Tradestation review.