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What is the best Oral B electric toothbrush?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 11, 2021

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Electric toothbrushes are the modern equivalent of the traditional brushes that incorporate different cleaning techniques and tools that makes the task easier for all users. With these brushes, users can ensure better gum health, improved teeth stain cleaning, and more. Aside from its good cleaning capabilities, these brushes also come with newer technologies that integrate them with mobile phones to improve the cleaning performance. Out of all these brands, Oral B is one of the best ones as recommended by dentists and hygienists. Users can expect high-quality and innovative features with their brushes.

What is the best Oral B electric toothbrush?

With Oral B, users can expect the latest technology when it comes to brushing. They follow the recommended minimum of 2 minutes for brushing with the use of their circular brushes which allows cleaning of all the parts of the teeth while maintaining gum health. Aside from this, they allow users to use multiple types of brush heads that have specific uses such as those for sensitive teeth, for 3D cleaning, and more. They have even integrated technology that allows users to connect their electric brushes with their phone to guide them while they brush. We have done a full review on the best electric toothbrushes you can buy on Amazon and found that Oral B products were all over the list.

1st place Oral B Pro 1000

Oral B Pro is one of the best-selling brushes of Oral B because it is their affordable option that manages to satisfy the basic needs of most users. This doesn’t mean that it lacks in terms of teeth cleaning, though, as it is still a standout product for ensuring clean teeth. As with most Oral B brushes, it uses a round brush that is angled at 16 degrees to ensure deep clean which most manual brushes are not capable of doing. It is also designed to be more careful in cleaning the edges of the teeth to ensure the health of the gums.  

The brush also has a timer which pulses per 30 seconds. This is to remind users to change the quadrant of the teeth that they are cleaning. It also comes with its own pressure sensor that immediately stops the brush in case you are pushing it too hard on your teeth to ensure that it will not cause damage to it. These are the most important features of the brush which is why it is included for their most affordable brush. 

However, given that the brush is their entry-level one, users should expect it to be louder in comparison. Aside from this, some users may also prefer other types of brushing modes and speeds depending on their specific needs such as sensitive teeth, gum massage, and more which it does not have. Lastly, it doesn’t notify users when it needs to be charged which may be difficult for those who want to bring it along for trips. Even with this, the brush still rates high in our list because of its quality even with its affordability. If users want more features, though, they may be more interested with the Genius or Io series.  We did find that in the Oral B Pro 1000 review it did provide the best value , when taking price and features into consideration.

2nd place Oral B Genius Pro 8000

Oral B Genius Pro 8000 is known for its abundant cleaning modes, boasting six that is compatible with different cleaning needs of users. First is the Pro Clean tool that can be used for intensive three-minute cleaning which is more than the average of two minutes as advertised by Oral B. Next is the Sensitive cleaning mode which ensures lighter brushing for the gum’s health. The Gum Care gives extra massaging to soothe your gums. It also has a tongue mode which gives 20 seconds of cleaning. Last is the 3D white option which adds extra power for brushing to ensure a whiter smile.  Please note that the rating of the Oral B 7000 is the same as the 8000 as it is just the updated version with nothing much really added to it.

The brush comes with a lot of accessories that makes it a worthwhile purchase. With them, users are given two CrossAction brush heads, and a single 3D white head and Sensi Ultrathin. This can be interchanged with each other to match your specific needs. The unit comes with a large stand where you can store your brush heads. This can be stored inside the travel case of the unit which makes it easy to carry around without damaging its parts. It also has a USB port for charging. The unit advises users in case they need to change their brush as these usually last only for 3 months which most users forget to do.  

In terms of cleaning performance, the Genius Pro 8000 is among the best compared to other Oral B brushes. It is advertised to be capable of 48,000 pulsations and 10,500 rotations which is more than enough to ensure that plaques and stains will be removed. This allows it to be able to brush your teeth with a maximum of two minutes. Users do not need to worry about it making too much noise too. 

3rd place Oral B Smart 1500

The Smart series of Oral B is their next product line after their most affordable, the Pro series. The main difference is the addition of the Bluetooth feature which allows you to connect your brush to your mobile phone. Here an application can guide you through everyday brushing to ensure that you will clean your teeth evenly. Weirdly enough, as a part of this product line, Oral B Smart 1500 does not have this feature which comes as a disappointment.  

The brush comes with 3 cleaning modes. First is the daily cleaning mode which does the job in a maximum of two minutes. This is powerful enough to clean most stains and food debris. Next is the gentle sensitive mode. Last is the whitening mode. Both are effective in their specific tasks and Oral B’s technology is thoroughly applied to the brush which ensures high-quality cleaning results.  

The brush also has a timer which reminds you every 30 seconds to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are cleaning. It also has a pressure sensor that has a LED indicator that tells if you push too hard on your teeth. The brush can also last up to two weeks of battery life which makes it good to bring on holidays and trips where an electric outlet is not always ensured.  

However, the downsides with the product is its minimal box contents. One of the standout features of Oral B is their reliable travel case where the brush head, the unit, and the charger can be stored easily to bring it anywhere. The Smart 1500 does not have this which makes it less favorable. Aside from this, the design of the brush lacks the trademark rubber grips of Oral B which makes it easier to glide across the teeth. Instead, it has a straight, plastic design that is worse than the design of some manual brushes especially when wet. 

However, with all of this, the brushes are still very recommendable because of its very good teeth cleaning results. Being an Oral B product, users will not be disappointed with everyday usage. It is capable of cleaning most teeth stains and is also capable of good whitening for the teeth. Needles to say the Oral B Smart 1500 review did put it in the middle of the pack when looking into price vs. value.

4th place Oral B Genius X


Oral B Genius X is a premier choice for Oral B. Designed with a charcoal black color that is sleek and modern to the touch, it is a favorite by many. As with all Oral B brushes, it comes with a circular brush which is designed to easily reach the furthest parts of the teeth while being able to brush the majority of its surface without much pressure. 

The Oral B Genius X is known as a standout product because of its integration of AI. The product can be linked to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. After downloading the application, users can have access to a guide which can help you while you brush by advising you when to change the quadrant of your teeth that you are cleaning. The application has a smart technology that knows the parts of the teeth that you fail to brush properly. This is an important tool according to them; most users forget to brush about a half of their teeth without proper guidance which may lead to more dental problems in the future. 

With the application, users will be given a personalized feedback that advises them about the points for improvement. They will also be given a score based on how good they brush. This can help prevent any damage to your gums and advise in removing teeth stains.  

The device also has a pressure sensor which immediately lights up in case you are brushing your teeth too hard. You will also be notified through your mobile phone. This is to prevent users from accidentally removing the enamel of their teeth which is important for keeping it safe from tooth decay.  

Upon testing, the device gave us amazing cleaning results. Through the use of its oscillating and rotating cleaning modes, we were able to remove common teeth stains and even whiten it in the process. Replacing the brush heads to meet our specific needs was also very easy because of the intuitive design of the brush. The brush was neither heavy nor too light for brushing, with users easily gliding it across their teeth and removing stains.  

As seen here, the brush is the best choice for those who have a little more budget to allot for their electric brushes. If these features are unnecessary for you, though, the brush may be too expensive.  

5th place Oral B Pro 3000

Last is the Oral B Pro 3000 which is among the affordable brushes of Oral B. It comes with a variety of available colors and designs. What makes it especially good is the rubber grip it has on the handles which make it easier to use every day. In terms of accessories, the brush comes with a CrossAction brush and 3D white brush head which gives more options for cleaning. It also comes with a clear travel case made of plastic where the components can be stored safely for travel which makes it recommendable. 

The Oral B Pro 3000 also has a pressure sensor that uses a visible LED which immediately lights up in case the user applies too much pressure to their while cleaning. This is much easier to notice rather than suddenly stopping the brush which may be annoying for some. Aside from this, it also trains the user to develop healthy cleaning habits when done every day.  

As with all Oral B brushes, it comes with a round brush that uses bristles that can clean most of the teeth. It can also clean through small gaps in the teeth which are commonly skipped over with modern brushes. The brush has two cleaning modes including Daily Clean for everyday use and the Sensitive clean. Both are very good and guarantee very good cleaning overall. 

A standard feature for Oral B Pro 3000 is its abundant battery life which gives users with at least 2 weeks of usage with full charge. This, along with its travel case, makes it good to carry around for holidays and trips.  

The only complaints with the brush are the lack of more cleaning modes, specifically the 3D cleaning mode which is good for cleaning the teeth and whitening it. Aside from this, it also does not have a stand for the brush head which is sought-for by many because of the convenience it provides.  

Final thoughts on Oral Bs lineup of electric toothbrushes

As we can see, even in their most affordable product, Oral B offers reliable cleaning and performance. Their standard round brush, which is unique to them, guarantees the removal of teeth stains and food debris even with everyday usage. The pressure sensor is also very good for developing healthy cleaning habits. 

If users are on a budget, the Oral B Smart 1500, Oral B Pro 1000, and the Oral B Pro 3000 is recommended. Those who want Bluetooth connectivity along with more technology and features are recommended to purchase the Oral B Genius X and Oral B Genius Pro 8000.