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Best Digital Picture frames for this year

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

Digital picture frame


In case you want to brighten up your room, you might want to start investing in digital frames. These are the electronic and modern equivalent of the photo frame. Here, users can have a tablet-like version of the standard photo frame, complete with an LED interface where a slideshow of different photos displayed in high quality can be seen. These are complete with different features such as internet connectivity, video playback, photo enhancement, cloud storage, and more. These come in various designs and motifs such as minimalism as to improve the design of the house.

What makes a good digital frame?

One of the first things we look at is the display of the gadget. This can be seen with the number of pixels used by the device and the display options. The best ones can display contrast very well, show a wide range of colors, and allow multiple resolutions to be displayed. It is also expected that almost all types of photos, from PNGs, JPEGs, and more to be displayable by the digital frame as to lessen the hassle in setting it up.

Next, the storage of the frame is also very important. Digital frames can display thousands of photos if you allow it to, which is why it should have a reliable storage unit, may it be an SD card or through internet connection. The best ones even offer unlimited storage for free without the need for additional payments. The storage should also be always secure and safe from hackers through good encryption.

A good digital frame must also have good features attached to it to make the purchase more worthwhile. This includes having video calling capabilities, playing videos, having widgets such as temperatures, calendars, and more. This makes it a tablet hybrid which gives it better usability.

Our best choice – Carver Digital Frame

The Aura Carver is mainly inspired by minimalist architecture. This allows it to easily blend in with whatever design you have in your home because of its simple lines. This also makes it look clean and makes the main photos displayed to be further highlighted. This also makes sure that modern design trends are followed by the photo frame.

The frame has a sturdy base that makes it sturdy when placed on a tabletop yet light enough to carry around. It has a five-feet long cord that allows it to be easily carried anywhere. It can detect whether you are sleeping or do not need its display using a light sensor that can detect whether the lights are on or off.

The digital frame comes in two designs namely the charcoal and white chalk which are very simple designs. The frame allows up to 1920 x 1200 resolution. It also has a screen that measures 10.1 inches. It also has a smart digital assistant which makes the whole process of displaying photos very smooth.

Our second choice – Aura Mason Digital Frame

Aura is another frame that has very high-quality minimalist designs that makes the photo stand out. These frames are packed with photo-enhancing features that make its details pop-out when displayed. These photo frames have a resolution of 1600 x 1200 resolute with a ppi number of 224. It is sized a total of 9 inches. The only limitation of it was displaying vertical photos while in a horizontal position. We loved this product in our Aura digital picture frame review, but did feel it was below the other models available.

One of the most unique factors of Aura is their gift-giving technology. With them, you can already put photos on the digital frames before sending it to your recipient. This can be done even without opening the box as the company itself will put the photos in the gadget. This makes it a very good gift for elders who may not be as tech-savvy. Because of this, it is a popular gifting option for many.

Users can also easily add photos to the gadget with the use of an iOS or Android gadget. They also have unlimited cloud storage that does not require payment to continue to use.

The frame has a good touch bar at its side that makes it easy to navigate through the photos, like particular ones, and to add more to the gadget. It also has a brightness detection which makes it adjust its screen depending on the light inside the room.


The technology behind digital displays has taken leaps and bounds in what seemingly seems like no time has really improved the quality of pictures, and the designs of frames for your homes. We really love the Aura line, as seen in our digital picture frame reviews. Their products are beautiful not only in the display, but the images and the screens. Coupling that with the ability to create an account so people can change the pictures it displays via an app or online, make it great for loved ones who don't have their hand on the pulse of technology.