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Romina Convertible Crib Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 18, 2021

Romina convertible crib in grey color


One of the things that parents usually worry about before buying a baby crib is how long it will last. Not only it's durability but also how long would it still be suitable for their growing child. What was once the appropriate size for a newborn may not be the right fit for a toddler. 

As such, the usual solution is to buy a new set of toddler beds when the child is ready to move on. But then that would leave the question of what to do with the old crib? And when the day finally comes for your kid to go to school, what should be done about the toddler bed?

To avoid such hassle, one of the best solutions is to get the Romina convertible crib from the beginning. We have already done a full review on the Romina cribs and they are easily our top choice, so in this article we really break down why we like them so much!

About Romina Furniture

Romina is a furniture company from Romania that has been making furniture since 1991. Although they started just as another furniture company, over time, they found their true passion for crafting nursery furniture. And now, almost three decades later, they have become one of the leading brands in the industry. 

What makes Romina different from the rest is their dedication to creating the best furniture for little children. They thought through all the things that a child wants and needs. They make sturdy, good-looking, comfortable, and most importantly, safe nursery furniture. We have done a lot of reviews on Romina furniture and they never let us down, so if you want even more info on their different options just search the site to find out everything we have looked at with their products.

About Romina convertible cribs

In general, Romina makes two kinds of cribs. the classic and the convertible. The classic one has everything that you might need from a great baby crib. The convertible, however, has all the features that the classic has, and then some more. The convertible crib has gone beyond a mere baby crib. 

I will talk about all of its stand- out features in the next section but for now, one clear difference between the classic and the convertible is the ability to transform the cribs. The classic is a great crib in its own right but for the most part, just like the name implies, it is simply a classic crib with some additional features.

The convertible, on the other hand, could transform from the regular cribs to a daybed, to a toddler bed, and even to a full-size bed. You basically get four for the price of one. Well, that's not entirely true. You need conversion kits to convert the cribs from one form to another. And that conversion kits are quite expensive. 

That being said, with the convertible cribs, you now can reuse the same cribs over and over again. From an infant to a high schooler, your child could now use the same bed. 

Why Romina cribs are great
  • Created using solid woods. The main material used in every Romina's furniture is European beech trees. What sets this particular tree apart is how long it takes for it to mature. We're talking decades here. But once it is time to harvest, the final product is a much denser and harder wood than the other trees.
  • Durability. But just using great source material is not enough, to further improve the quality of the woods, Romina would put them in a specialized, climate-controlled room that would pull out all of the moisture from the woods. The result is an extremely durable wood that would become one of the best building blocks for strong furniture.
  • Longevity. With such a durable material, every Romina furniture can withstand the test of time. Leave it alone, it could easily last for years. But if you treat it with care, furniture from Romina would last for a lifetime. 
  • Adjustable mattress. Every Romina crib, both the classic and the convertible, has an adjustable mattress. There are three different heights that you could choose from to maximize the comfort and the safety of your child as they grow. 
  • Free of harmful chemicals. Romina knows that some chemicals that are usually used during the production of furniture might harm babies and toddlers. As such, they committed to only use organic-based finishes and only non-toxic adhesive during their production process. 
  • Built following the US standard and CPSC requirements. The US has one of the strictest rules and regulations when it comes to furniture, especially for children. But those regulations are there to protect the children. And that's why Romina makes sure that their products always meet the US standard and the CPSC requirements.
  • Eco-friendly. For every tree that they use for their furniture, Romina would plant five more trees nearby. That's their way to preserve the forest for the future generation. And that's why they earned the illustrious Greenguard Gold Certification.  
Options with the Romina Convertible crib

When it comes to the cribs, Romina has several options to choose from. There are eight different designs. Each one with a unique look of its own. From the classic cribs that have curved woods that are adorned with elaborate decoration, to a modern crib with minimalist looks, straight lines, and monotone color scheme. 

Not only that, but you could also choose finishes from numerous organic options, such as the basic "navy blue" or the more adventurous "denim". Depending on the design style that you choose, there are up to 24 different finishes that you could pick and all of them are free from any harmful chemicals. The fact that they are chemical free is one of the reasons that we rated Romina furniture as one of the best options for cribs available on the market today.

Should you get a Romina convertible crib?

Yes, you should get a Romina convertible crib. A classic crib is a fine option, but if you're willing to spend a little bit more, you could get a crib that is always suitable for your child. Just by using simple conversion kits, you could transform the crib as your child grows. 

That alone is already a very superb feature. But when you add other marvelous things that Romina has done for their products, the convertible cribs become that much more attractive. A crib that could be adjusted to fit your growing children, very durable, has a timeless design, and last but not least, could last for ages.  

How amazing is that?