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Romina Crib Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 20, 2021

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When deciding to get a new baby crib, most parents go for something that looks great and inexpensive. Unbeknownst to them, when it comes to baby furniture, there is a straight correlation between price and quality. Most inexpensive furniture could afford to offer such a low price because they sacrifice the quality of their product. 

They don't use solid woods, the design is flawed, the chemicals used for the finishes are not perfectly safe for children, and other numerous variables that make the product not only subpar but also potentially dangerous to your children. 

And that's where Romina Furniture comes in. 

About Romina Furniture

Romina is a Romanian company that has been making furniture since 1991. With almost three decades of experience in the industry, Romina is well-established as an authority on creating high-quality furniture for children. 

Their secrets stem from the fact that they still utilize the tried and tested way of making high-quality furniture while also combining the advanced machinery from the 21st century to further improve the efficiency of their production line. 

Although Romina based its production facility mainly in Europe, they have more than eighty retail stores that you could find all over the US. Other than a direct visit to the retail store, you could also order Romina's furniture online through their official website. They won't charge any shipping for most items in their catalog.

Why Romina Cribs are good
  • Created using solid woods. Every piece of Romina furniture is created using the European beech trees. Beech trees take decades to grow but once they are matured and ready to be harvested, the wood would be much denser than any other trees. These dense, solid woods are an integral part of making Romina's crib way sturdier than the rest. 
  • Durability. After harvesting, Romina would squeeze every drop of moisture from the woods through a special climate-controlled room. The result of this slow and arduous process is a very hard and durable wood that would be the perfect material for a high-quality furniture.
  • Longevity. Because of its durability, Romina's crib could also last for decades. And if you treat it with care, your children might inherit the cribs from you one day without any noticeable decline in quality. The crib from Romina could easily last for more than one generation.
  • Adjustable mattress. Every Romina crib comes with an adjustable mattress. There are three different height settings that you could adjust to fit your child as he grows. The highest one is perfect for babies while the lowest one is the right height for toddlers.
  • Convertible. To add more to its longevity and adjustability, every Romina's crib could also be converted to a daybed, toddler bed, and even a full-size bed. With Romina, the crib could literally last your child since he was a baby and all the way to his high school years. That being said, the conversion kits are sold separately, so prepare to pay more for that additional feature.
  • Free of harmful chemicals. When creating a piece of furniture, there will be chemicals involved in the process. These chemicals might be harmless to adults but it could potentially be harmful to children. Romina is aware of this fact and decides to use organic solutions whenever possible and only use non-toxic adhesive whenever necessary.
  • Built following the US standard and CPSC requirements. The United States has one of the most strict rules and regulations when it comes to furniture for children. But Romina kept a close look into those standards and always built their furniture following the current requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • Eco-friendly. As a furniture company, Romina needs to use lots of trees. As a way to give back to the environment, for every tree that they cut down, they plant five trees in the nearby locations. That way, they could preserve the forest for the sake of future generations. That kind of awareness and dedication enabled them to earn the Greenguard Gold Certification.
Different style of Romina cribs

Romina has eight distinct styles of cribs. The classic royal looks of the "Cleopatra", the vintage "Antonio", The bulky "Imperio", the unassuming "Karisma", the casual "Uptown", the minimalist "Ventianni", the sleek "New York", and finally the art-deco "Pandora".

As you can see, no matter what kind of furniture design that you liked, Romina has it for you. But despite all of the design variation, one thing that remains constant through all of their cribs is the excellent built quality and the compact size. Romina guaranteed that you'd get the highest quality cribs from all of their different styles.

The price of Romina Cribs

As you might have guessed by now, all of those premium features from Romina come with an equally premium price tag. There's no way around it, a Romina's crib is expensive. Compared to other cribs from the other brands, the price difference could be up to ten times higher. 

Although the price between each style may vary, on average, they all hover around US$1000 per crib. And if you want the additional conversion kits, which are different depending on the style, that's another several hundred US dollars on top of the base price. 

If you want to get the whole nursery furniture, which is the crib and the dresser, then be prepared to set aside at least US$3000. That being said, when you purchase furniture that costs that much, Romina would send it to you, no matter where you live in this world, free of charge.

Should you get a Romina crib

Yes, you should. The price might be a source of concern for you but please remember that the high price is there because of the supreme quality of the product. 

To achieve such high quality, Romina Furniture has to be very meticulous throughout every step of the production. The result is not only something that looks amazing but also safe, durable, and would last for ages.  If you have the money and are thinking about investing it into a crib that can grow with your child we 100% suggest Romina cribs. If you are not looking to spend so much, as to be 100% honest it is a lot of money and even more than my bed for one of these cribs, there are a lot of other options that we have reviewed.