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Romina Convertible Cribs

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 6, 2021

Baby crib side view in a room


Choosing the best baby cribs are one of the most difficult choices for some parents. This is because there are a lot of factors to consider in purchasing one. For some, the design of the baby cribs is important to see if it can easily match the design of the room and if it is baby-proof and is free from harmful edges. Next, the pricing of the crib is important especially if the parents are on a budget. Lastly, the features of the crib are important to see if it can help parents raise their babies with more ease.

Who is Romina Furniture?

Romina Furniture is one of the best options for furniture because of their high-quality design that many parents want. Their furniture is designed to last a decade or more which ensures that purchasing their products is a good investment. This is because of the high durability of the products and their timeless designs that mixes minimalism and either vintage or contemporary designs. With their products, any nursery or room can instantly be elevated in terms of design. Their products are also built with the best proportions and sizes to make them easily fit any room.

Romina Convertible Cribs

One of the most unique designs of Romina is their convertible cribs. Their cribs are not only used for babyhood. First, it can be converted into a toddler bed. This can be made possible by attaching the toddler rail which can be bought separately from the crib. This can give protection to the toddler in case they start to become more active. This also gives them adequate space to leave and enter the crib. Next, it can be converted into a full bed. This is done using the conversion kit that is also bought separately from the crib.

The cribs can come in either an open or closed back model depending on the parents’ preference. The cribs have three height settings. Upon testing, both models are good in terms of proportion and comfort levels. When tested in different rooms, the proportions of both models can easily fit in any room of the house. They were also the ideal size for any baby. Even when converted, it is still a good size for both toddlers and growing children. The durability of the models was also qualified to be very strong that can last for a long while.

Romina quality guarantee

With Romina Furniture, users are ensured of an eco-friendly manufacturing process that has fewer contributions to the carbon footprint compared to other companies. With them, the trees cut for the wood of their products are ensured to be replaced properly as to not less their former oxygen emissions. Aside from this, they make sure that all of their wood used is from beech trees. They also do not use any MDF, rubberwood, or veneers for their particle board. They also do not use any form of formaldehyde glue or VOC. They are also certified by GreenGuard because of the low toxic emissions of their manufacturing process.

While most of the process of creating their products is guaranteed to have a low amount of carbon emission and is naturally environmentally friendly. Even with this, the products are guaranteed to last long and can even be used for more than a decade. This is especially important if the products will use the conversion kits to ensure that the crib will last long even as a full bed. Using the additional accessories is also very easy because of its intuitive design that ensures that any adult can use it properly.

Romina Furniture Collections

One of the best parts of Romina is their eight collections that vary in terms of the designs that it is based from. Most are mixed with minimalist inspirations that can be seen with its straight lines, simple colors, and subtle carves. These designs range from the 1920’s, contemporary, modern art, and more. The best design for each user will depend upon the preference of the parent. However, these designs can easily fit any room of the house because of its simplicity and elegance. These also come in various finishing options that range in terms of design and its colors. These are all certified to be organic too, with either an oil or water base.

For example, the Cleopatra collection is designed for those who are more inspired by Victorian-era designs that favor curves and swirls. These are mixed harmoniously with straight and simple lines, though, to stay true to the aesthetic of Romina. Next is the New York collection that is designed with the laser cut applique that gives the crib a modern art feel to it. This raises the elegance and design of the room and instantly makes it good for putting in any room especially if the house has a minimalist design.

Next is the Karisma product line that is aimed for gender neutrality. Its main goal is simplicity which can be seen with the lines and design of the products. It is a good option for those looking for furniture that can easily match any room of the room. These designs are abundant and can match any preference of any parent.

Should you buy Romina Furniture?

Romina is one of the best options for those who are looking for a minimalist-inspired line of furniture while having the budget for it. Purchasing their convertible cribs will be a good investment as it will last for a long while and can even accommodate the baby while they grow up. Aside from this, those who are also ecologically conscious will be delighted with the certifications and the manufacturing process of the company. Lastly, the abundance of designs and finishing is also good for those who are more specific in terms of the exact design of the furniture.