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Oral B Pro 1000 Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 24, 2021

Oral B electric toothbrush standing up right


Transitioning to an electric toothbrush may just be one of the best things you can do for your dental hygiene. Capable of thousands of strokes per minute, this product can break down plaque and dirt buildup in the teeth with only minimal effort from the user. Being mechanically operated, it is capable of multiple cleaning methods ranging from Sensitive, 3D Cleaning, and even Teeth Whitening. Because of this, many users are shifting to this product as manual toothbrushes tend to be inconsistent in its cleaning results and generally have less access to newer features.

Who is Oral B?

Oral B is one of the best products for dental hygiene. They offer toothpastes, dental flosses, and more. They also have one of the most prominent electric toothbrush lines which they have created in collaboration with Braun. Included in their product lines is the Genius Series, IO series, and the affordable lineup named the Pro Series. The standout quality of their brushes is the round head design which is very good for cleaning the edges of the teeth, breaking down plaque, and generally having a very good cleaning performance. One of their most well known products is the Oral B Pro 1000, which we did a full review on and loved!

What is the Oral B Pro 1000?

Oral B Pro 1000 is one of the most affordable units of the brand. It is primarily targeted for those who only want the bare features of the brand but still want the cleaning performance and brand design of Oral B. Users will not be disappointed with it as it still maintains the trademark parts of the brand such as its round brush head design, its cleaning performance, and its product design. With it, users who want to try using electric toothbrushes for the first time will get a good idea on how these products work in general.


Cleaning modes

The brush has only one cleaning mode named Daily Cleaning mode. It offers thousands of vibrations per minute which will be good for removing plaques and buildup in the teeth. With the product, users can pair the cleaning mode with different brush heads such as Sensitive, CrossAction, and GumCare. Even with only one cleaning mode, users can get a variety of results with the numerous brush head variations that they can purchase. Before buying the product, make sure that the brush head that comes along with it matches your exact cleaning needs.

Oral B battery life

Being one of the most affordable brushes, the Oral B Pro 1000’s battery life can only last for a week at most. This is a bit of a downgrade compared to other products of the same price range by popular competitor Sonicare. Even with this, the product still provides adequate cleaning no matter the current battery life which is why it is still very reliable. If you keep the brush in its charging station, you can have reliable performance every day which is why this should not be much of a problem if you do not travel that much with the brush.

Built in pressure sensor

The brush comes with an automatic pressure sensor that automatically changes the rate of vibration and intensity of cleaning whenever the user presses the brush too hard on their teeth. This is done to avoid damaging the outer layer of the teeth. This is a very useful tool that makes using the electric toothbrush a good introductory product for those who are only starting to use these. However, it lacks a sound alarm or a flashing sensor for this which may be more effective for advising the user to lighten their hold on the brush instead.

Oral B quadpacer

The recommended brushing period for brushing the teeth is only 2 minutes which Oral B follows properly. They have a quadpacer feature which advises you to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are cleaning every 30 seconds. This is to ensure that you will have the best cleaning performance and that it will be distributed equally in all parts of the teeth. This is also a good tool to teach children proper brushing techniques. For this to be possible, there will be a slight pause in the cleaning of the product for every 30 seconds.

Oral B 1000 design

The product is mainly made of plastic. It has comfortable ridges in its body that makes it easy to grip the product even as it vibrates. Installing and replacing the brush head every 3 months is also very easy. The brush head does not easily fall out of the brush, too, while being used with everyday cleaning intensity.

Being an affordable product, users should take extra caution when holding the product as only a couple of hard falls on the bathroom floor can damage its motor.

The product is waterproof, with its battery protected deep inside.

Other Features

The product comes with a 2-year Oral B warranty. Users can have a free replacement from Oral B in case the product is not tampered with and has defects because of the manufacturer’s fault. Their warranty process is fast and smooth.

The product comes with a charging stand. It also comes with a brush head that will depend upon the specific one that you will buy (some come with standard cleaning, some for sensitive teeth, etc).


In the end, Oral B Pro 1000 is a very solid choice for an entry-level toothbrush. It comes with all the basics of an electric toothbrush and offers excellent performance for each of these. In case users want to start using electric toothbrushes or are on a tight budget, the product is an excellent choice. Those who may want more features, more cleaning modes, and better durability are advised to purchase the higher-priced products of Oral B, though, such as the Oral B Pro 3000 and Oral B Smart 1500.