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What are Oral-B Warranty terms?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

broken Oral b toothbrush head


Every new Oral-B purchase has a warranty period of 2 years. To get an additional year on your warranty read the info below. To be fully informed how the Oral-B warranty works, what is covered, how long the repair process can last, and who you need to contact, read the full review. 

How to get your Oral-B warranty?

There are two ways to repair your Oral-B toothbrush with their warranty service. 

Before contacting the official Braun/Oral-B service, you can try their Online Repair Service. You will find here the most common tips and tricks. You do not have to be registered to proceed with this application, but you need to enter your language, country, and region. The link is and after you selected all the above information, you can proceed via the button Online check. 

If you still did not find the solution, you can proceed with your authorized Braun/Oral-B service. 

If you are a UK citizen, you should get in contact with Olympic Shaver Centre Ltd by calling the number 0115 965 7434. This company is in charge of all repairs under Braun/Oral-B service. If you are outside of the UK, you should go to the Braun authorized service center and, on their website, select your country and region to find the closest authorized service. 

Filing a claim within the warranty period

What do I need to do a delivery based warranty claim with Oral B?

If you are sending your toothbrush to the authorized service center, read the following instructions. 

To follow the procedure and complete your order you need to send or bring with you several things:

  • Receipt of your purchase
  • Integral parts of your electric toothbrush 
  • Some personal information like name, current or shipping/returning address, contact phone number, and a detailed explanation about your claim. 

Integral parts of your electric toothbrush: power cord, charger, and handle, plus SmartGuide.

It really does not matter where you are sending your claim, the repair should not take more than a day or two. You need to include shipping days. This will probably add a couple more days without having your favorite Oral-B toothbrush. 

For in-warranty service, the company will handle shipping and repair costs. 

Since there is an option to extend your warranty to one more year and get a 3-year warranty, you should follow these instructions: 

Register your product on the official Oral-B website: choose your country and make an online profile. Make sure to check which countries are available in the drop-down menu. Complete this step before your 2-year warranty expires.

If you purchased a new model of toothbrush there is a possibility that it is not yet listed in the registration form. As we said, there is no hurry, and you can wait until they enter new models and register before the 2-year warranty expires.

Making a claim outside of warranty period

If you want to repair your Oral-B toothbrush and your warranty expired, you can still follow all the mentioned steps. There is also one big difference: this time you will cover all the repair and shipping costs. What we really liked about out-of-warranty service is that you can fill out the form and get an initial quote with all the additional costs before sending it to your authorized service.

Note: if a toothbrush battery is broken, there is no repair option because the battery can not be replaced. It is sealed in the toothbrush handle for full protection and water resistance.  This is something that is not specific to Oral B warranty as most other electric toothbrush companies use the same style and warranty limitations.

Customer support

If you are having difficulties to find the answer to your question or just want to be fully informed, you can also contact Oral-B customer service. The company offers several contact options. From the FAQ page, to email contact information, they also offer live chat support and direct phone number. Note that the call number is available only for the UK and Ireland. 

Their customer support is available from Monday to Friday, during working hours, from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Oral-B offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee for all their available products. 

What is not covered with an Oral-B warranty?

There are several things you should look after to make sure that your warranty will be valid, and repairs covered by the manufacturer. Oral-B warranty starts from the first day of your purchase and lasts for 2 years. There is an additional option if you want to extend your warranty for one more year (and have a 3-year warranty period) if you register your toothbrush on their official website. If you like this option, you need to make this online profile before your 2-year warranty expires. 

Oral-B warranty will cover any defects in case they are the result of the workmanship during the manufacturing process.  

Oral-B warranty will not cover the costs:

  • if the damage was due to physical negligence 
  • If improper use was the reason
  • If modified or upgraded on your own
  • If the toothbrush handle is damaged due to the improper use
  • Of scratches or dirt because of improper use
  • If charging instructions are not followed and resulted in battery damage

Improper use: to have the full warranty, you are obligated to use certified Oral-B toothbrush heads. You can find on their official website the compatible toothbrush heads with your model. The second important caution is that you should not repair it by yourself or send it to some other unauthorized repair service.

If you have read that list and the issue isn't there, then it is a pretty good bet that you will have no issue getting your warranty claim going quickly.

Final thoughts, and a bonus year of warranty!

If you are buying directly from Oral-B company, their warranty options are better than buying from a store as you get the original 2 years warranty and the option to extend it for one more year. This is a great option you won't get anywhere else so it might be best to look at purchasing directly from Oral B themselves.If you are buying from another retailer, you will have to check their own customer policy. 

Their transparent customer policy is another thing we should praise. Several available options for customer support, including live chat and a phone call, is proof of their reliable customer policy.