Oral B 6500 Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 24, 2021

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Electric toothbrushes are smarter, better at cleaning, and have more features compared to traditional brushes. With its use of motors, it can supply thousands of strokes per minute that can clean better by being able to remove almost any plaque and buildup in the teeth. These also come with a lot of cleaning modes, available brush heads, and intensities to suit any user. Among popular brands, Oral B is one of the best because of its mix of affordability, cleaning performance, and the iconic round brush head design unique to their company.

Origins of the Oral B 6500

Oral B has many product lines including the Io, Smart, and Pro series. The Oral B 6500 is named as a part of both the Smart and Pro series which is why many are confused about its true name. Either way, it makes sense for it to be part of both as the Pro series is known as the more affordable brushes of the company while the Smart brushes are known for having more features and cleaning modes. Because of this, the Oral B 6500 is the perfect balance of abundant cleaning features offered at a more affordable price.

Oral B 6500 design

The model has a slim design that looks very modern and of high-quality which many will love. It is light but durable. With its safety ridges, it feels safe to hold while it vibrates and cleans your teeth. This is a great contrast from the more affordable counterparts of the Pro series which have bulky bodies and mostly plastic designs that may make it more fragile.

The toothbrush comes with a charging station, a compartment for its multiple brush heads, a travel case, and a guide. The product comes with as many as four brush heads which include the Sensitive, 3D white, Floss Action, and Cross Action brush which gives users a lot of options upon purchase. Keep in mind that each of these can last up to 3 months of use which is why they are already guaranteed one year of not purchasing a new brush head in case they would use all of these.

The travel case is one of the best parts that we always look for in an Oral B brush. After all, they create very durable and organized travel cases that make it easy to carry the brush around during trips and travels.

The unit also has a brush and a separate compartment for the brush head. Because these are quite small yet abundant, this is a very good part that can keep them safe for storage. This is why we reviewed the 6500 electric toothbrush it got a pretty decent rating.

Is the Oral B 6500 good at cleaning your teeth?

As guaranteed by Oral B, the product offers amazing cleaning results. Dedicating 2 minutes of cleaning time, the brush is capable of breaking down a great deal of plaques from the teeth. It offers the perfect amount of pressure for brushing the teeth. It even has a visible pressure sensor at the bottom part of the brush head which immediately lights up whenever you are pressing it too hard to your teeth. After all, doing so may cause its protective layer to be damaged and stripped off which may cause further damage to your teeth.

Next, it has a quadpacer which is a technology that tells you to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are cleaning every 30 seconds. Through this, the cleaning will be distributed equally in your teeth. Users can notice this with the slight pausing of the brush along with a green light from the pressure sensor of the brush. This is a very good tool that makes it easier to brush and also teaches you good cleaning habits.

The brush has a total of 6 cleaning modes. This, partnered with the abundant options of brush heads you have with Oral B ensures that every user will be given a lot of cleaning variations. Included in its cleaning modes are Sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, Daily Clean, Deep Clean, and Tongue Cleaner.

A downside with the unit is its very small battery life that only lasts 10 days at most which is very disappointing knowing that more affordable brushes in the Pro series can last up to two weeks. Aside from this, though, the brush is very well designed.

Oral B 6500 Bluetooth connectivity

A key feature of Oral B 6500 is its Bluetooth connectivity feature so that users can link it to their mobile phones. They have an application that can serve as a visual timer of the brushing process. It can also tell you if you need to change the quadrant you are cleaning and if you are pressing the brush too hard on your teeth.


Oral B 6500 is a mid-tier brush that offers a lot of cleaning modes and brush heads. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a travel case, a brush head compartment, a quadpacer, and a visible pressure sensor.