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Features of the Oral B pro 1000

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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Experts have proven that an electric toothbrush can clean your teeth one hundred times better than a conventional toothbrush. That's why if you've been using a conventional toothbrush all your life, then it's time to upgrade to an electric one. 

But since there are tons of electric toothbrushes out there, and all of them claim that they are the best in the market, it might be hard to choose the best one for you. So the best course of action would be to look for an entry-level toothbrush from a reputable brand.

You could pick an advanced electric toothbrush if you want, but as a new user, you won't be able to properly take advantage of its advanced features. That's why choosing one that is made especially for beginners is a better decision. 

One of the best options in that regard is the Oral B Pro 1000. This brief article will tell you all you need to know about this particular model from Braun's Oral B and all the great features that you would get from it.

The history of the oral b pro 1000

Oral B Pro 1000 is an entry-level electric brush from Braun's Oral B. It was designed to be easy to use and affordable. That being said, it is still packed with lots of powerful features and functionality that would thoroughly clean your teeth.

The brand Oral B itself was first started by a periodontist named Dr. Robert W. Hutson in the 1950s. He created a type of toothbrush that was better than any other toothbrush at the time and marketed it under the brand Oral B. But in the 1960s, he sold his company and continued his periodontal practice.

In 1984, Oral B was acquired by the Gillette Group. Braun, who was part of the Gillette Group, used the Oral B brand for their new line of electric toothbrushes. And since Procter & Gamble acquired the Gillette Group in 2006, Oral B managed to attain even greater heights.

Oral B Pro 1000 features
  • 3D cleaning movements. Oral B Pro 1000 is equipped with powerful 3D cleaning movements that could perfectly clean your teeth. The brush heads would not only be Oscillating-Rotating like other electric toothbrushes but it would be pulsating as well.
  • Replaceable brush heads. Oral B Pro 1000 comes with one brush head. It usually comes with a cross-action brush head, but you could easily replace it with other types of brush heads as well. All Oral B brush heads are compatible with Oral B Pro 1000.
  • Rechargeable battery. Oral B Pro 1000 also comes with a rechargeable battery. That means you don't have to buy a new battery every time the power runs out. You could simply recharge it again for another extended use. But if you put it back to its charging station after each use, then you won't ever run out of power. 
  • Long-lasting battery life. The rechargeable battery would also last for a long time. A fully charged battery of Oral B Pro 1000 could last for a week. Different usage may result in a different lasting time, but if you brush your teeth twice a day, two minutes each, just like recommended by dentists, then it would surely last for seven days.
  • Quadpacer. To make brushing better and easier, dentists around the world recommend you to divide your teeth into four sections. Upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Oral B Pro 1000 has a 30 seconds timer that would remind you when the time comes to change sections. 
  • Clean timer. As mentioned before, Oral B Pro 1000 has a timer to make sure that you properly use the time allocated for each section to clean your teeth. But not only the 30 seconds alarm, but there's also a distinct alarm for the two minutes time limit to remind you when it's time to finish brushing. 
  • Pressure sensor. Putting too much pressure when brushing your teeth could potentially hurt your gum over time. That's why Oral B Pro 1000 has a built-in pressure sensor that would slow down the rotation of the brush heads if it deems you put too much pressure on your teeth.
  • Lightweight. As an electric toothbrush that was specially made for new users, Oral B Pro 1000 is purposely built to be a lightweight device. That way, those of you who always use a conventional toothbrush would feel comfortable transitioning into a new technology thanks to its lightweight.
  • Easy to use. Because it is marketed for new users, Oral B Pro 1000 was designed to be easy to use. There's only one power button on the handle of the toothbrush. That way, there's no need for you to be distracted by any other functions that you don't need.
  • Affordable. A box of Oral B Pro 1000 would only cost you around $39.94. Keep in mind that the price might fluctuate. But as a product that is aimed at new users, it would always be affordable. Inside the box, you would get an Oral B Pro 1000, a brush head, and a charging station.
Final thoughts on the Oral B 1000

An electric toothbrush has been proven by experts to be 100 times better at cleaning your teeth than a conventional toothbrush. So if you still use a conventional toothbrush to this day, then it is time to finally move on to an electric one.

But using just any electric toothbrush is not a good option. You should use something that was purposely designed for a new user. And Oral B Pro 1000 is one of the best options for new users. It is equipped with all of the essential features, it's easy to use, and it's also very affordable. You should definitely give Oral B Pro 1000 a try.