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Root Car Insurance

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In comparison to other insurances, Root is keener on ensuring your performance. With the long trial involved (aside from the one-day initial insurance they give you), their review of your skills may be more accurate than others. Aside from this, several factors are also prevented when no personal-meetings are involved in the process:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is better reviewed through the mobile app. Those who are prone to doing this may require more insurance on their part because of a higher chance of an accident. Other car insurance companies may not be able to review this as accurately as Root
  • BMV records which keep logging your offences, violations and citations in relation to driving may be a big influence for other companies that will require paperwork for your insurance. This does not affect Root’s rates that much as they prioritize your actual performance rather than your history in driving
  • Demographics is also not much of a factor with Root because there will be no personal meetings required for their insurance. Only the necessary parts of your identity will be reviewed for their service
  • Root also claims that credit score has less influence on their insurance rates in comparison to other companies, as stated on their website
  • Root also claims that your prior car insurance rate has less influence on their final rate in comparison to other companies, as stated on their website
  • the ZIP Code and Vehicle type are also stated to have less influence on their final rate according to their website
  • In case you are planning to transition into Root, there is an option within their mobile app that lets you leave this job to them. They will be the ones to contact your old car insurance service to notify the former that you are no longer subscribing to them
  • Paying is easy as you can choose either to use Apple Pay or credit card for the insurance fees. In comparison to other services, Root’s insurance compensations are average

Although the premise of Root Car is innovative and unique compared to traditional insurance companies, there may still be a few problems in relation to their service:

  • The use of a mobile application and a smartphone to calculate your driving performance may have some problems in relation to the hardware of your phone’s unit. It will not be as dependable as always in comparison to having an actual human grade your performance which can take more factors into consideration aside from your motion
  • The 60-day trial may also be too long of an investment for their system. Even with the initial rate that they give you during your one-day trial, waiting for that long may be equivalent to getting insurance through traditional methods. If the systems get enough data for a shorter time, though, you can immediately have your results
  • The current service is only limited to 20 states. This is expected to be expanded throughout the whole country as time passes, though
  • Having the application constantly monitoring your movement and location may be a deal breaker for some who would rather have their privacy for their own. Aside from this, you may also get inconsistent and wrong calculations on their side for factors that only a human agent can determine

Root Car Insurance is best for those who don’t have much time to make a personal appointment for insurance and for those who would like to skip all paper work included. Because of its integration to the mobile app, everything is simpler and easier for both parties. Aside from this, some may argue that your performance is better rated as they can better see your performance on the road and specific cases like drunk-driving are thoroughly observed.

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Last updated February 20, 2020