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Will a VPN protect my privacy online?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 7, 2020

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Nowadays, cyber-security is so hard to find. One that is secure enough as to hide your information like names, address, credit card information, and bank accounts is hard, especially with the increasing threats of hackers and phishing scams online. This makes it harder and harder for those who put their businesses and personal use online.

Threats of the internet

Another threat that comes with this is the possibility of your internet activities to be tracked. Since the best commercial reception is targeted by most companies nowadays, demographics needed for a certain brand are done by analysing internet users. Their internet activities, from their most searched products to personal opinions and words are tracked and analysed to see the best advertisements that can be targeted for them.

Want to test it out? Search an item that you may want to buy in the future for at least ten times. After a while, you may notice that the advertisements, no matter which website you go to, contain the items you may want. This means that every action and activity of yours is being traced for commercial purposes, and you might not even know it.

This is also done even by heavily militarized governments likes USA, who uses NSA, and China, who has its own Great Firewall of China. This is done to have surveillance over its citizens’ actions. This is also done if certain censorships and bans are placed over a country.

With this, we can observe that the use of the internet leads to many threats. To combat this, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs were made. By making your internet connection go through a private series of tunnels that redirects it before finally sending to the website of your choice, it makes it a good choice for making your browsing secure.

How does a VPN protect my privacy online?

Because of the intricate way of making your gadget access the internet, Virtual Private Networks allow us to have more security online. Instead of doing it bare, users can successfully prevent tracking by third-parties. Since your connection needs to go through a server first before finally connecting to a website, users are given the option to choose a certain server from which they will be displayed to be coming from. They can come from USA and still be able to access content only for China. This goes to show that your IP address and your information are thoroughly masked whenever you browse with a VPN.

Another great feature is internet encryption. Before even sending your information onto the website you want to visit, VPNs first encrypt it. In the case of a hacker being able to breach your online security, they will only be able to access data that is unreadable, making users still secure. This will be done through the protocols that your chosen VPN has.

In the end, VPNs are not only an accessory for internet. Rather, they are a must-have for everyone, especially in this digital age. As a user of the internet, get one now!