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Why should you use a VPN?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 7, 2020

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People are basically living on the internet nowadays. We work, share our lives, and browse through data while online. You might not have been noticing it, but a lot of information are already stored online. From your pictures up to your brand preferences, third-parties can easily access the information of those unaware.

Hacking can be done by hackers when users browse the internet with no security. Aside from your personal information potentially being stolen, your identity may also be traced by advertisement agencies that may want to see your preferred brands to target ads better.

If these make you uncomfortable, then worry not, for Virtual Private Networks are the answer. Shortened as VPNs, these applications allow users to become anonymous and unseen while online. In simple words, it makes us connect through a private tunnel from which we can connect when using the internet instead of doing it head on. Through this, the server of the VPN from which we connect is seen online instead of our own IP and address.

Why should we use a VPN?

  1. Internet security

As stated above, VPNs allow us to be secure from any hacker or third-party that may want to gather our information and to hack our data. Some VPNs even have malware and virus security, so choose them carefully.

This function can also be handy if you are connected to the internet using a public Wi-Fi. Because many users connect to a single internet source, your information are easily seen. When using Virtual Private Networks, you can still enjoy the internet while being secure at the same time.

  1. Internet anonymity

Not everyone wants to be exposed on the internet, and even though you share some of your experiences and pictures on social media, it doesn’t mean that you would want to upload everything for everyone to see. using a VPN, users are ensured that they will not be traced by anyone on the internet.

Before connecting to the internet, your chosen Virtual Private Network provider will first ask you for a country you want to show as your point of origin. You can choose a faraway country like Nigeria even if you are accessing from Hawaii.

  1. Access content not available in your country

Popular streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix have region-blocked videos and clips that may affect your country. This can be because of a variety of reasons, from copyright, lack of audience, or legal issues. Whatever it may be, this block can be bypassed by using a VPN. Some cannot come through, though, so choose one that is capable of doing so!

  1. Encrypt your data

If a hacker takes hold of your data after bypassing all your security information, you are still safe with VPN. Before you even access a certain website, a VPN will instantly make sure that the data you will send is already encrypted. Through this, a hacker cannot read the data they will get access to. Some VPNs even allow a shutdown feature which instantly cuts your connection to the internet if a hacker successfully bypasses your internet defences.

VPNs are a truly must-have for all users nowadays. Get one today to make your connection safer!