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Why should I use a VPN with Netflix?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 23, 2020

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So there you are, having a good time with your Netflix subscription you’ve bought for quite a price. Your watch your favourite shows and movies, and then suddenly, you remember one from back then you used to watch. Parks and Recreations? Glee? Was it even Sons of Anarchy?

And then as you type it into the search bar, the results don’t show you the show. You instantly Google if the show is available. Finally, you are surprised to discover that the show is not available in your country.

This scenario is especially common with countries in Asia and those that are far away from the Americas. This is called region-lock but can be avoided by using a VPN with Netflix.

Now, someone may complain that why would Netflix do such a thing when it can be harmful for their brand, right? There are actually a lot of ways to explain this from a business point-of-view. First is that copyright laws all over the world are not the same. When Netflix buys rights of shows, different versions of their copyrights need to be made global.

Another reason is that there may be no audiences for specific shows. Sure, some users may be interested in watching RuPaul’s Drag Race in Japan, but it doesn’t mean that a lot of them will do (American sitcoms and comedies aren’t really a hit in the country). Most television shows have expensive costs to be bought by Netflix, and they wouldn’t risk investing in a show that barely anyone watches. In December, Netflix bought rights to keep streaming Friends, a 24-year old TV show, for 100 million dollars. This shows that the company truly has priorities in buying television shows, as only those in the likes of Friends can be treated with this significance.

Because of this, the rise of Virtual Private Networks, shortened as VPNs, came. Aside from security reasons against hackers and spyware, the software also excels in making its users anonymous on the internet. If you happen to have a VPN that is of high-quality, you can be granted access to television shows and movies that are offered for some countries only.

If you happen to have a VPN, you can choose a certain country from which you can say you came from. With only a single click and some configuration, one is granted tons of shows and movies that may be blocked without this software.

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