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Why should I use a VPN? Advantages of connecting through a VPN

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated June 24, 2020

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Attested by both technology experts and common digital users, Virtual Private Network, known by the masses as VPN, is now as a massive marvel of technology. The huge hit will not remain unnoticed thanks to its features in lined with netizens’ welfare and security. This communicative network is an easy way through different contents that are not seen from your previous Internet explorations.

As the Internet and technological era gave way to many advancements and hope for a better definition of convenience, VPN continuously came to the digital platform's visible surface and eventually turned into giving you your much-awaited Inter-web moments.

From its fundamental principles of security, convenience, and anonymity, it has bloomed into a variety of highlights VPN providers have come up with to distance themselves from their competitors.

From a bird's-eye view, let us find out the list of reasons for using VPN services.

To better reach its three cardinals

VPN lives up to its three core principals. These values have been proof why VPN has become a significant hit on the market. Without these, the services offered will not be beneficial to the digital citizens and popularity will not be attained.

Security detailed

Internet security issues pose a high level of danger for Internet users worldwide. Some of these types of violations committed are credit card fraud, identity theft, pyramiding scams, malware, phishing, email spam, and a lot more. From these violations, information or data has been on the front line. Through VPN, encryption will ensure the protection of data. Several VPN services use complex security protocols even skilled hackers cannot decode.

Features under security

° Data and DNS leak protection

° Internet traffic encryption via SSL and TSL

° Immune to throttling administered by your Internet provider

° VPN providers are acting as your proxy when you transmit data on the Internet.

° Anti-malware, phishing, spam, and other Cyber issues.

° Modern security protocols

° Anti-virus software

° Strong authentication algorithm

° Security certificates issued by authorities

Anonymity detailed

It is annoying and danger-provoking to be aware that someone knows your location or identity. Through VPN services, you will not fear once you receive your dedicated IP address that will fake out your right identification. Getting your anonymity will also guarantee you a no-worry pass on your browser or Internet Explorer with their secured tunnel that goes through VPN servers where they will not see your true location.

Features under anonymity

° Dedicated IP address that is dynamic and encrypted.

° AES military protocol being used by leading VPN services.

° Kill switch used when your device is suddenly disconnected from the VPN.

° Zero-log policy

Convenience detailed

To better define the third principle, VPN's features, benefits, and deals will surely fill your browsing longing. You will never fall short with all those offers to come, and you will surely come for more. Aside from the usual features, mechanisms are also launched by providers for a better VPN experience. Servers from different locations are up for grabs, and you will get more contents by easy switching between these.

Features under convenience

° Presence of servers worldwide which you can use to access remote content.

° Split-tunneling where you can choose which apps should be encrypted or not.

° An unlimited bandwidth hosting where you can enjoy uninterrupted browsing with no fear of throttling from your ISP.

° Access to restricted contents and unblocking areas that are inaccessible using your unprotected Internet browser.

° One-click feature which automatically connects your browser and applications on the network with one tap.

° Can connect on multiple devices from a single account.

° VPN services are available as applications, software, and extensions for browsers.

° Support and help center open 24/7

° Reasonable pricing for paid VPN services and the availability of free trials. Discounts are also given more often.