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What is a Virtual Private Network?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated June 29, 2020

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In the current age, one cannot go without the use of internet. This can be through our computers, our phones, and even in our Smart TVs. We connect to the internet to download content and to see more content. We use it to see more of what others share, and sometimes, we even share the content ourselves.

This may be a simple cycle for some, with uploading and downloading unlimitedly. It is simple and flawless, one might say.

But with this mindset, hackers and those with evil intentions come through. The internet may appear to be safe and secure, but most will be disappointed to find out that it contains a lot of holes in its foundation. Hackers take advantage of this and use it to gather information from us. We do not only download information, but rather, share it too. Through activities like shopping and social media, we share names, addresses, and even fragile information like credit cards and bank numbers. This can be used by hackers through phishing scams and information hacking.

To avoid falling prey to such events, Virtual Private Networks have been created.

How does a VPN work?

Virtual Private Networks work by making our connections go through a private series of tunnels first before connecting us to the website we want to go to. They encrypt our data and make it private for those that may want to track it.

What happens when you use a VPN?

IP addresses are our online ID’s. They name us online in order for our activities to be tracked and be arranged. A simple Google search shows us our IP address. This proves that it can easily be spread around the internet. This is a big risk for everyone because it shows that everyone can easily be traced. This has been proven to be done by the government, by advertisement agencies, and even by hackers. By using VPNs, we can mask ourselves and hide this information.

By masking our IP address, the VPN also allows us to choose a country will show as our internet’s origin. This allows us to go to websites that may be blocked where we come from, therefore giving us access to more content.

Your information is also encrypted, so if someone secretly accesses your information, the data log they will receive will still be unreadable. This means that hackers and those with malicious intentions will not be able to put their hands on your browsing activities and data.

This can be especially helpful for business. No matter what the information is, it is still important for a company to keep it a secret. A simple leak can spell certain damages, and with the use of VPN, all computers can be granted complete security from hackers and internet trackers. Most VPNs offer package deals for those who want to use them for business purposes.

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