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What does it mean when a VPN provider says it has servers all over the world?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated August 15, 2020

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As wise digital consumers, we need to know the different components entailed by the VPN system.

We have the Internet Service Provider or ISP which gives the Internet connection for users, the encrypted tunnel responsible for the secured pathway of data, and the VPN itself which offers security and anonymity to the data received and we also have what we call VPN servers.

VPN servers, depending on your VPN provider, are many and are scattered in different parts of the world. This scalability and vastness is why Internet users continue to use networks like VPNs.

What exactly is the role of these servers in the VPN process and why are there a lot of these in one country or region? In response to these questions, we will tackle the necessary and essential information about VPN servers.

What are the roles of VPN servers in the data transmission process?

A server in a VPN term is an imaginary repository or ‘container’ of contents that are being transmitted by a secured network, the VPN itself, for content and enjoyment. These receptacles of information are also private as its network is autonomous to the vulnerable server from your Internet Service Provider or ISP. Servers are also called the gateway through VPN services.

Servers used in VPN service become the third party in the VPN process. In the usual data transmission process, you send your data request on the open public network like the Internet. Due to the Internet being open, you can be prone to a security breach and data theft because of information being exposed. What the VPN server does is it becomes your proxy when you send data.

What your ISP thinks is that the VPN server is the one who sends a data request on them. Throughout the data transmission, the VPN server encrypts your data and becomes your bridge against the negative possibilities the Internet might have caused.

Benefits of servers scattered worldwide

Since the network is encrypted and is separated from your Internet provider's server, your VPN provider has different servers all over the world. The purpose of this is to:

° Give users access to the international content and channels. Through the servers all around the world, restrictions of materials like videos, shows, apps, and websites can be avoided securely and successfully.

° Give you a different alternative as you may choose different servers from a different location based on your preference.

° The availability of servers within your VPN service has varying uses based on the content you want to visit. If you want to browse in video streaming sites like Netflix, your VPN service, through their automated classified server feature, gives you the suited server for this kind of browsing.

° Connecting via a VPN server makes you anonymous to your ISP and other online offenders. That is because it serves as the one that sends the data to the Internet, not the device which you are using.

° Connecting to a VPN server worldwide is perfect for an important financial transaction or gaining essential information or data from the Internet.

° VPN servers manage the encryption of your raw data, so that you don’t reveal critical information on a site you visit.

Where are servers primarily based?

These servers vary from location to location depending on the VPN used. VPN servers usually come from all the six continents inhabited. It is also advisable for users to connect to the server location nearest to their actual site to ensure stability in connection and content acquisition. ExpressVPN, a VPN provider, has over 150 server locations scattered in 94 countries in all the corners of the world.

From the servers worldwide to choose from, server switching is an essential feature that has been launched by leading VPN providers. With that, you can test their effectiveness and browse a variety of contents effortlessly.