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What are the features offered by TurboVPN?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 27, 2020

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The use of VPNs is slowly becoming a necessity as more information is being uploaded online. To mask the activities of an individual online, a Virtual Private Network may be used to make you completely anonymous. When using this, hackers will not be able to trace your exact location. They will also be unable to read the information you upload online as it will be encrypted.


One of the standout parts of the VPN is its free price. It can be used by both Android and iOS devices without payment. They also offer a paid VIP version that expands the features that a user can use.

With the free version, users are given unlimited bandwidth of use. This means that the number of websites you will be able to visit will not be limited. This is an excellent feature that most VPNs do not offer. Users are also given 9 servers in 8 countries where they can connect. The countries serve as your displayed location whenever connected to the internet.

With the paid VIP plan, users are still given unlimited bandwidth of use but with more features. It removes all of their advertisements that can be seen in their interface (which is their price for being able to use their services for free). Aside from this, users are given 29 servers in 15 countries where they can connect. This is thrice more than the normal plan which makes it a good buy.

They also offer a trial for their paid version available for 7 days. You can still use their free version after, though.

In comparison to other paid VPNs, TurboVPN is a bit lacking in terms of the number of servers. Brands like NordVPN and ExpressVPN both offer more features and servers for the prices of TurboVPN. Their free services make up for this by offering unlimited bandwidth, though.

Can it bypass geo-filters and restrictions?

One of the reasons for using a VPN is to bypass the restriction of content for certain websites and services. This is because some of these websites have specific licenses that only cater to a number of countries. Those without this privilege may opt to use a VPN instead as to be able to access these.

TurboVPN is one of those that were able to do this. This is only available, though, for its paid plan. Once paid, you can access streaming websites like BBC iPlayer, Fox, and Netflix.

How does this VPN affect internet speed?

The use of VPNs naturally makes your internet connection slower. This is because the files upload will first be encrypted, sent to the VPNs server, and then to the website of your choice. A good service, however, will minimize the difference in speeds whenever used.

TurboVPN was able to provide a fair to good performance. The worst speeds seem to be from servers in Europe while the best speeds can be seen from the North America servers. There is a decrease in the quality of speed during peak hours of use.