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免费 VPNs - Should you trust them?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Virtual Private Network services or VPNs are slowly becoming a necessity nowadays. This is because more and more information is being uploaded. This includes names, addresses, contact information, and even credit card numbers. This threatens the security and the identity of internet users.

How do Virtual Private Network services work?

To avoid being traced and tracked online, Virtual Private Networks supply its users with a custom server and country of origin. For example, a user from Singapore can display him/herself to be coming from Europe. The number of servers and countries to be selected by users depends on the service that they will use.

With this, users can browse the internet without fear of being tracked by malicious third-parties. They can also browse through the content that may be restricted for their country. For example, streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix which has specific licenses may have some shows which are only available for certain countries. Using a VPN can let you access these content.

Aside from this, Virtual Private Network services also encrypt the information that you send online. If your data is encrypted, hackers will not be able to read the content of whatever you upload online even if they manage to bypass your security. This may take a toll in terms of internet speed, though, as there will be an intricate process before being able to upload information online.


免费 VPNs are best for those who would like to save money yet still browse the internet securely. Popular names for this type of VPN includes Tunnelbear, Windscribe, and Speedify. Most of these names are available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

The lack of payment doesn’t necessarily warrant a bad quality. If you are only looking for security and anonymity which are both the main purposes of having a VPN, you may be satisfied with 免费 VPNs. Different services use different encryptions and technologies and a simple browse through the reviews on these names may tell you their method of defence.

Most of these makeup for the lack of payment by adding a lot of advertisements in their user interface. If you are fine with this, 免费 VPNs may just be for you. After all, the developers must still earn to be able to maintain their services. Many of these also offer a paid version if you would like to remove these ads.

What should you look for in  VPNs?

免费 VPNs should be analyzed thoroughly before being used. Even if they can be used without payment, they should still be able to protect their users properly.

For example, AES-256 encryption is a good feature that shows a brand’s quality. Support for OpenVPN and IPSec protocols are also a priority. These ensure that DNS leaks and tracking will be harder for hackers. These are also industry standards which most VPNs use to secure their users.

Also, users must thoroughly read the data logging policies of these brands. To ensure that maximum anonymity will be given, a good VPN must not keep the data of their users’ activities online.