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TurboVPN Review - Should you use this VPN service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated February 23, 2020

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Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are important in making sure that the data that you share online will be kept safe. Users who are not using a VPN may unwillingly be sharing their location and their IP address while online. Certain third-parties such as hackers and ad companies constantly track these and may get your information without your consent.

How does it work?

A Virtual Private Network protects you by setting up a server which you can connect to once you download their application. These servers are shown as countries. These countries serve as your displayed location while online. For example, someone from the USA may show themselves to be coming from a country in Europe. 

Along with the anonymity, it also provides encryption for the data that you upload online. In case a third-party will be able to get your data, they will be unable to access it due to this security measure. 

The perks of having a VPN comes with slower internet access, though, because of the intricate process of protecting your internet.


TurboVPN is a popular choice by both iOS and Android users to secure their connection. It is a China-based service that offers connection to up to 9 servers for unlimited bandwidth. Users recommend it due to its simple interface and stable connection.

Streaming with TurboVPN

Streaming is fast and easy with TurboVPN. For starters, you can access streaming giant Netflix through this service. This is an especially handy tool for those living in countries which only has limited access to content. By bypassing the geo-filters and restrictions, you are given more freedom in the range of television shows and movies you can watch. Also included are Fox and BBC iPlayer.

Connecting your internet with a VPN will usually result in slower internet speed. This is because the VPN has to encrypt the data you upload and also needs to send it to another server. TurboVPN’s performance, in this case, was mediocre at best. Using during peak hours where a lot of users are using this service usually resulted to slower speeds. The speed was good for empty servers and those that are nearer to your point of access, though. Given the limited number of servers they offer, it might be a hard task to look for a fast server.

Torrenting can not be done through the VPN. This is because it limits its service to a mobile app which isn’t that friendly for downloading through peer-to-peer process. In fact, your account may even be blocked if you attempt to do so.

Security concerns with Turbo VPN

Some are complaining about TurboVPN’s unreliable no-logging policy. As stated in their privacy policy, TurboVPN can collect the user’s information. This means that it can keep track of your activities and basically be another third-party for your information. This is usually a red-flag that most consumers want to avoid. If you are okay with this, TurboVPN is a recommendable VPN for you.

Other than this, the VPN was able to pass tests for IP or DNS leaks which means that your point of access and data will be hard to reach whenever you are online (for third-parties).