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TurboVPN Pricing - How much will it cost you?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 15, 2020

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TurboVPN is a Chinese service that promises internet anonymity and security through its mobile and PC applications. 


TurboVPN is a popular choice for both PC and mobile users mainly because of its free version. It can be used by both iOS and Android devices without any payments. This version comes with ads, though, which it uses to make revenue. 

In its free version, TurboVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth which is a standout feature. This means that you can use a VPN with unlimited data and without restrictions in terms of browsing and downloading. This also gives you access to 9 servers located 8 countries. 

Whenever you are online, you will be shown to be coming from the country of your choice. This allows you to be more anonymous while online and can also let you access restricted to your country. A downside to this free feature is that there is always a lot of people using the service which might make your internet connection slower. 

To help you pick a faster server, TurboVPN offers a VIP feature that allows you to use the application with no advertisements. The list of servers you can connect to is expanded to 29 servers located in 15 countries too. This is a good buy that allows you to have a faster internet connection and more 

To help users decide whether to buy a premium version, TurboVPN offers a trial version that can be availed for 7 days. You can still use the free version after the trial period in case you are already satisfied with it. 

Users are recommended to buy the VPN in case you are satisfied with their service and will only want the removal of advertisements and more choices for servers. 


Streaming while using TurboVPN is a breeze. One of the reasons why users are availing virtual private networks, aside from security concerns, is also to streaming content that is not allowed in their areas. Through the VPN, you can choose a server that masks your IP to be one coming from another area. TurboVPN’s servers are strong enough as to bypass geo-filters in streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Fox. 

TurboVPN’s browsing speeds are quite average. When connecting to a country further from you, their internet speed tends to fluctuate with their service. Aside from this, you may also experience a slower upload speed. 

Connecting to a country closer to you will generate average speeds. This becomes worse during peak hours, though, when a lot of users are currently connecting to a service. This is when purchasing a premium subscription is recommended. Because of the need to look for a particular server that does not have many people connected to it, it is best to purchase those that can only be unlocked by paying as it is usually used by fewer people.

Torrenting is not allowed in the VPN and may even result in a ban. This is the cons of using TurboVPN as most people may also use a VPN just for torrenting reasons.