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TorGuard Review - What are the benefits of this VPN?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated June 29, 2020

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Virtual Private Networks are services that are used to make a user anonymous while online. By connecting you to a server from another location than where you really are, you can choose to be displayed to be coming from another country while online. Aside from this, the data you upload online will be encrypted as to be secured in the case of a security breach.

TorGuard Features

TorGuard is one of the best VPNs in terms of speed and features, which makes it an excellent choice for those looking forward to torrenting.

TorGuard has a lot of features that are good for more protection while online. For starters, you can connect the service to up to 5 devices which can use the internet simultaneously. You can also add a static address and a dedicated IP address.

They also have available applications for other devices from which you will access the internet. They have applications for Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS.

They use industry-standard security protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and L2TP.

To make sure that more people can connect with fast internet speed, they currently host over 3,000 servers all over the world. This makes users avoid overcrowded servers which are sure to make connection slower. They can also connect you up to 55 countries.

Another good feature is its faster internet speed. Even when used in the Americas, it still managed a fast connection in European countries. It has an average speed for Asian servers which is understandable because of geographical reasons.

They are dedicated to being a VPN that is god for torrenting. You can get a proxy just for torrenting. They claim to have optimized performance especially dedicated for fast torrenting speeds.

We also tested TorGuard against internet leaks which may betray the purpose of getting in the first place. Upon testing, we discovered that our IP and was not leaked online. It also has a kill-switch which instantly terminates your browsing session in the case of a security breach. The installation files for the application was also not considered malware or virus.

You can also access Netflix through TorGuards service. This is good news for those who want to access content that is not available in their country due to copyright issues.

They also promise to have a no-logging policy. This means that they will not be keeping track of the actions of its users which should be a priority for buyers.