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TorGuard Review - Features and Benefits

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated June 29, 2020

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Virtual Private Networks or VPNs allow users to be able to connect to a public network where they can send and receive data. Instead of having their internet addresses and their data revealed while online, the public network masks their identity for them to be anonymous while browsing online. Aside from that, it also uses encryption to secure the data that they upload online.

The use of VPNs is mainly dedicated for users to be able to access online content without being tracked by third parties without their consent. Some of these may include advertisers and/or hackers. A tunneling protocol along with authentication methods are set up by different services to ensure the security of their users. 


TorGuard is a VPN that is recommended for its solid encryption which ensures security for its users. It has reliable customer support, support for torrenting, and has a load of features that will satisfy most customers. 

TorGuard Review

To review the VPN, we must look at different factors that are mostly expected of VPNs. We will base the review upon the following:

Speed – Virtual Private Networks typically cause slower browsing speeds because of the need to encrypt data and to browse through their server. It may also depend upon the number of people that are currently connected to the service. Usually, servers will display the number of people currently using it and may even close itself sometimes once full.

Security – The security of these services can be seen through the strength of its encryption and through the various security features that it uses. A notable feature that ensures that a VPN is reliable is the kill-switch feature which will be explained later. 

Customer support – Because all the technical talk involved with VPNs may be too overwhelming for newer users, good customer support is expected with this service. They must also be available 24/7. Users also prefer a human representative to answer their inquiries.

Features – Aside from giving anonymity to its users, there must also be a lot of useful features included to differentiate the VPN from its competitors.

TorGuard’s Speed

As explained earlier, it is expected that using a VPN will cause a slower internet connection. In TorGuard’s case, their speeds are one of the decent ones. With almost half of the connection gone during our test, the service is rated as good for this aspect. 

Their speeds are even enough for internet gaming across international servers as the ping is not too high. Connecting to a server that is on the other opposite side of the world may cause your internet connection to slower, though. 

TorGuard’s Security

Currently, TorGuard uses OpenVPN protocols for its security. It is an industry-standard brand that is good for disguising your IP address and preventing any leaks. This is also good for avoiding any censorships especially for a country with restrictions regarding online content. 

They also use SSTP, iKEV2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP as protocols. Users can regularly switch to any of these protocols if they prefer to. TorGuard uses DNS servers along with IPv6 leak protection to maximize the security of its users. 

To see if our IP address will be leaked while online, we used Results came out negative as the true IP of our computer was not detected. 

As mentioned earlier, a feature known as kill-switch is used by some VPNs to ensure that your security will always be ensured. This feature instantly ends your online session in the case of a security breach to avoid any information to be leaked. 

Another feature to take note about TorGuard is its logging policy. Because people’s primary purpose for using a VPN is to avoid any third-parties from being able to track their activities, the main VPN service must also refrain from doing so. 

The logging policy of TorGuard explains that it does not store any kind of traffic from its users. They also do not sell your information to any third parties. 

TorGuard’s Customer Support

TorGuard’s customer support is reliable. It offers three different methods to communicate with its customers including through call centers, through support tickets, and a live chat. It is available 24/7 which is a good feature, especially for sudden emergencies. 

A quick conversation through the live chat customer support proves that a human representative is being talked to. The information that they were able to provide was also informative and straight to the point. 

TorGuard’s Features

TorGuard has a lot of features that are comparable with top brands in the VPN industry. These include the following:

IP protection – Your internet address is continuously hidden while using the VPN. It offers an anonymous VPN to avoid third-parties from being able to trace your location.

Torrenting is allowed – This is an important feature which is a priority for some. Because torrenting allows other people to access some of your information, using a VPN must be a priority whenever downloading through this. Keep in mind that torrenting also requires you to upload as you download and this might be taken advantage of by some. With VPNs, you will be anonymous. 

Other VPNs block their users from doing so which is why TorGuard is a breath of fresh air compared to other brands. You can also get a proxy with the service that is meant only for torrenting. They also promise peak performance whenever downloading torrents. This is a good feature as VPNs can cause slower internet connection whenever used. 

To help users look for the best server to maximize speed and security, TorGuard offers up to 3000+ server spread all around the world. This prevents any case of not being able to connect to a website due to it being full. These are spread up to around 55 countries in total.

You can also use TorGuard in a variety of platforms. To ensure that all gadgets using the internet is secured, you can connect it to Tomato and DD-WRT routers. It can also be used directly in Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Chrome, and Firefox.