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NordVPN: Fast browsing VPN

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Nowadays, Cyber security is basically the next most essential security after house protection. In the age of computers and easy access to internet, half of our lives are within the digital word. From our security information, money information, and even identity, so many valuable and fragile data are stored in the cyber world.

Because of this, the creation of Virtual Private Networks, also called VPNs, came. Basically, it is a means of connection that enables users to access internet as securely and accessibly as possible. It is by making our internet go through a series of private tunnels that are secured with passwords, codes, and authentication processes, which makes it harder to have security breaches.

There are countless benefits to using virtual private networks, but the question lies, however, with which service is the best one. There are countless brands, but one stands out among all of them: NordVPN.

  1. Nord VPN is the largest VPN service

With over 5000 servers all over the world, it stands to be the largest VPN service. This means that almost any place of the world that is internet enabled can have a wide variety of servers to connect to. Oftentimes, the proximity of the servers from users causes slow connections and different languages. With this service, users can expect more accessible and user-friendly websites.

  1. Reliable security

Your internet service provider can be one of the first weak spots of your connection, as they can easily track your information, your browsing routines, and almost anything you do online. Online websites can also lead you to phishing and information hacks.

NordVPN’s security ensures users’ security from such threats.

 (Additional note: it even works for Netflix, a good indicator that it is a VPN of high-quality. You can use it to access content not available in your country!)

  1. Tons of features

First is its Kill Switch feature. Basically, the feature allows the VPN to immediately shut down your internet connection if it will be threatened to be interrupted by immense and powerful hacking. This will prevent any breakthroughs in your connection. Although disruptive for daily tasks, this will only be a last-priority option, a case of a final exit for you if the VPN cannot protect you from the threats anymore.

Another good feature of the VPN is its DNS leak security. Frequent Windows resets and manual VNP connections can easily make you risk your domain name systems, making you more vulnerable to tracking and ad-targeting. The DNS leak security system of NordVPN secures users against such threats.

For risk-takers, NordVPN has your back as it also allows us to access the dark web. This goes to show the depths of security that the VPN offers for its users. 

  1. Flexible pricing

Good VPN come with quite a pricey cost, but such problems can be fixed with a little tweaking. Their offers includes:

  • 1 month: 11.95 dollars
  • 1 year: 83.88 dollars
  • 2 years: 95.78 dollars
  • 3 years: 107.55 dollars

The VPN recognizes that some may be dissatisfied with its services, therefore offers a 30-day payback guarantee.

The pricing lets you determine the duration of use of the service, as not everyone is in need of it all the time. For those that want to make internet anonymity and security a lifestyle, though, the offers that gives you access for years will definitely guarantee a good turnout in the end when compared to a monthly payment. Payments can be settled through credits cards and PayPal. For those who want to be anonymous, crypto-currencies are also accepted.

  1. Speed of NORDVPN

VPNs force your internet connection to go through a series of tunnel connections that will make things slower. This will often make users hesitate to use the service in favor of a faster connection. NordVPN takes care of this with the number of servers they have, making server response faster.

  1. Good customer support and response times

Virtual Private Networks keep us private and secure, and because of this, users will definitely need more contact with administrators. NordVPN prides itself as a service provider that has good customer help and support.

One feature that testifies for this is knowledgeable customer support, which ensures that questions about technological problems will be easily answered. This is a big advantage ahead of other VPNs who have automated responses which make customers have a hard time in trying to fix their technical issues that are of high priority, especially those involved in large-scale business operations.

Beside this, a knowledge base available on their website allows users to easily see through needed information. The website includes guides on troubleshooting, billing information, and general use. This will help those who do not want the hassle of calling for customer service.

Overall, NordVPN proves itself to be a very recommendable VPN. It is fast, customer-friendly, and a good example of its line of brand. What truly separates it from its competitions is its good price and great service.

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