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Is TurboVPN a good VPN?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 2, 2020

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TurboVPN is one of the Virtual Private Network services that are popular for both Android and iOS devices. This is because they offer their services for free. This, along with the unlimited bandwidth that they offer, makes them one of the most accessible for those that do not plan to commit to a payment plan for these services.

How does it protect its users?

Virtual Private Networks protect the identity of the users by making them anonymous while online. For starters, a user can choose different servers which they will be displayed to be coming from on the internet. A user in Singapore can choose to show their address to be in the United States, for example. This prevents anyone from being able to trace the user’s real location.

Aside from this, they also offer encryption for the data you send online. Even if hackers will be able to access your information, it will still be unreadable. This is especially crucial for those who frequently put fragile information like.


TurboVPN offers free services along with a paid plan.

The free plan gives you unlimited bandwidth for use. It also gives you access to 9 servers for 8 countries.

The paid plan also gives you unlimited bandwidth but with an expanded access of 29 servers for 15 countries. It also gives you access for bypassing geo-filters in streaming websites like Netflix and Fox.

In comparison to other brands like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, their service feels too expensive because of the limited amount of countries and servers to connect to. Both mentioned VPNs offer more than a thousand servers for you to connect to. Aside from this, they also offer more features.

Their free plan is generous when compared to other free services, though. This is mainly because of the unlimited bandwidth they supply. They use advertisements to make up for the lack of payment though.

Security features

It uses the AES-256 encryption for your files. It also supports OpenVPN and IPSec protocols. You can choose between the two for Android gadgets based on your preference. There were no DNS leaks that happened upon our testing.

TurboVPN doesn’t offer an automatic kill-switch feature, though. This is a necessary tool to ensure that your internet connection will be ceased once your defences are hijacked by hackers.

User interface

TurboVPN’s interface is simple and easy to understand. It can be easily understood by someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about VPNs.

The users of the free VPN may find the number of advertisements annoying, though.

Choosing a server to connect to intuitive. Servers are divided into two: faster servers and free servers. If a specific country is only available for the paid version, a “VIP” sign will be tagged beside it.

Is TurboVPN good?

TurboVPN is a good choice for those looking for free protection. Their encryption is reliable and on-par with other VPNs. Their user interface is minimal and light.

It falls a bit short in terms of servers offered for its paid version, though. The lack of an automatic kill-switch feature may also be a deal-breaker for some.

Overall we have ranked many VPNS and found that TurboVPN just didn't match up to our top picks as far as we were concerned. Take a look at all our top vpn reviews and let us know what you think.