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How To Watch American Netflix Outside America?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated June 29, 2020

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So you’ve started your Netflix subscription with the thought of having access to TV shows you have long heard about from your friends or on the internet. To name some, Glee, Game of Thrones, maybe even Sons of Anarchy?

You start up the app and immediately search for the show that is basically the reason for subscribing.

And then you see nothing.

But how can it be? A simple Google search tells you that Netflix has this show available. Why aren’t you getting it?

The main reason for this is: you live outside America.

But why is this the case?

Most of the television shows or movies that become famous or prominent worldwide are American-made. From Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation… most of them happen to be American. Because of this, the following problems may arise:

  • Copyright issues

Some of the producers of these shows may prefer their shows to be exclusive for some regions only. Some of them may already offer their shows through another subscription plan for other countries, and might want to avoid divided streaming means among users.

  • Legal issues

Netflix may have a hard time buying the copyright for some shows. Making a show available worldwide causes a lot of financial problems, as shown with them buying “Friends”, the hit TV show for $100 Million just for it to still be available until 2019. This leads to the next problem.

  • Lack of audience

If buying shows for streaming worldwide causes a lot of problems, why bother when people won’t watch it anyway? For example, Japan isn’t really a country known to subscribe to American sitcoms. This is the reason why many shows in America aren’t available with their Netflix.

On an international scale, the price of copyright may make it harder for them to make a certain show available.

What if I want to access a show not available in my country?

Of course, some may still want to access what Netflix can offer. This is when the tech-savvy can prove their skills in using the internet and what it offers. For those that don’t know, you have come to the right place!

Virtual Private Networks

The answer for this one is easy: Virtual Private Networks! In case you haven’t heard of them, they’re applications that allow a user to become anonymous on the internet. This is done by making you access a private series of internet tunnels that change your point of origin to the one you desire.

With Virtual Private Networks, otherwise known as VPNs, you can show yourself to be a user coming from the United States of America even if you are accessing Netflix from Singapore.

Not every VPN can do so, though. It depends on the strength of the VPN, and most of the ones that are effective and fool-proof are those that require payment.

Good services come with good investments. If you want to access more of what Netflix offers, try a VPN now and look for the best one to suit your needs!