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Does PureVPN have an Android app?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 10, 2020

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When it comes to affordability and offered features, no one would dare to question PureVPN on its stand as one of the best. By providing its best on Chrome, Windows, Linux, and many more platforms, it will now open its doors for Android users, as well. VPN would never be out of reach even on the mobile market.

PureVPN is regarded as one of the best VPN service providers in the interweb today. While most of its services are offered for desktops, it expanded its market and made its way to being an Android application. By having your own VPN account, you can now download the application on Google Play Store. You can now enjoy its security features, network expansion, simple-to-use interface, and many more benefits upon clicking its download button. With over 20,000 reviews on Google Play Store and a satisfactory rating of 4.1 stars, it is undoubtedly a great hit!

Upon downloading their mobile app, much more on its Android app, you can connect it with different applications and your built-in browser in just one go, and you may get to enjoy its 31-day refund guarantee, and dusk-till-dawn tech support.

Moreover, it also offers services for Android TV. Same as its mobile counterpart, Android TV services provide excellent features distinct to digital television experience. It also stood up with excellence as rated 9.5 out of a perfect 10 by Trust Pilot, a trusted review publisher for online businesses.

Aside from Google Play Store per se, PureVPN can also be downloaded as an Android app on its website, and some application downloading sites such as and UpToDown. When downloading from external sites other than Google Play Store, they offer the app's different versions for the users to compare the features and adjustment that had come. On UpToDown, its latest version, 7.0.1, was updated the day before this article was written.

On the Google Play Store app, you can see reviews from it and GZ Systems Ltd., PureVPN's creator, will serve as your tech support and appreciate your feedback. Its application is 26 MB, and you have to pay some purchases on the app where some features and services await. The application is rated as 3+, thus suitable for any PureVPN Android users and does not imply violence or harassment. On its newest update, PureVPN offers a 7-day free trial for its app, to let you know how their offers became one of the best when it comes to VPN services.