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Does PureVPN have a free trial?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 10, 2020

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VPN services do define great browsing and diving experience on the Internet in all forms of devices, even in digital TV, that you may have, credited to its security and assurance of network expansion. While most of us want some free trials on these kinds of services, only a few grace such offer in their VPN programs or applications. PureVPN also offers some freebies and great deals alongside the best features and benefits they already have. However, that does not guarantee you a free-for-a-lifetime experience. The VPN service is charged via timely subscription. Their charges vary depending on the type of device used. If you are wondering if PureVPN has a free trial then you came to the right place!

Special and Secret Offers

Upon taking a look on their pricing on their official website, you may see price-friendly deals that are either long-time options, that is, special offers, or they can pop up in your tab as outrageous secret offers. These offers come weekly or seasonal and you can expect a massive cut-off in your budget when that happens.

Its cyberweek special, like any other holiday deals inline for this year, cuts 5-year subscription by 88% once you availed it, making your monthly bill only $1.32, an estimated $8 deficit! You may also want to pay annually, by paying $35.88 first time, cutting 73% off or about $30 deficit!

Aside from Cyberweek and Black Friday seasonal deals, you can grab some sales at Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. You can also get some surprise VPN coupons via promo codes and play Crazy Frenzy in random days.

Free Trial in all Devices: How many days?

Yes, you heard it right. PureVPN offers Easter eggs for their new browsing customer. After the trial of your supposed account, you will get billed on a monthly basis.

All devices except Android and iOS:

PureVPN's best billing choice comes with a 3-day free trial and is billed for $2.5 a month.

Android and iOS:

PureVPN has now offered its new benefit for its avid Android users: a 7-day free trial to explore its features and advantages. Although it has in-app purchases, you can download this application for free and does not require pre-billing.

Though it does not offer free lifetime access, PureVPN will never fail to give you the ‘quality’ service you had always imagine. Upon getting a deal, you will surely be amazed at its unique assets, such as easy interface, universal site access, unlimited bandwidth, the ever-distinct Internet Kill, and many more to witness.

PureVPN Default Pricing:

The tiers are divided into three, are subscripted at different time intervals and are all billed monthly:

Pricing Tier

Billing Price

Free Subscription


Monthly subscription

$11 in one billing

Mid-year subscription

$9/mos. or $54 in one billing

Yearly subscription

$5/mos. or $60 in one billing


  • You can also explore more of PureVPN's services when doubt comes in with its 3-day test drive subscription, only at $2.50. All of the features are in premium, and will let you enjoy every tour from the program while learning every bit of it.
  • All come with a 31-day money back guarantee.

You can pay via Paypal, personal credit card, gift cards, Alipay, Payment Wall, and many more ways.

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