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Does NordVPN offer a free trial?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 15, 2020

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The internet is loaded with companies that offer VPN services and it can be daunting to choose the best one. There are many factors to consider when choosing a VPN:

  • The number of servers and in how many locations they are placed
  • How fast the VPN is?
  • How secure it is? Does it use strong security protocols and tools?
  • Does it have a no-logs (zero logs) policy?
  • Does it allow torrenting?
  • Can it unlock Netflix and other geo-restricted platforms?
  • Does it offer a free trial?

NordVPN is one of the major players when it comes to VPNs. It checks all the important boxes when it comes to VPNs: top-notch security, a large number of servers, it is torrenting-friendly, it offers unlimited bandwidth, it can unlock Netflix, it has a no-logs policy, it allows you to connect up to 6 devices at the same time and more.

NordVPN has over 5,500 servers worldwide, in 62 countries.

How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN has 4 plans: 1-month plan (priced at $11.94/month), 1-year plan (priced at $6.98/month), 2-year plan ($3.98/month) and a 3-year plan ($2.98/month).

You can choose between several payment methods: credit cards, crypto currencies, Amazon Pay.

All the plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Does NordVPN offer a free 7 day trial? 

NordVPN used to offer a free 7 days trial, but they have recently canceled it. However, you can still benefit from somewhat of a free trial, through their ‘30-days risk free’ money back guarantee, which entitles you to use the VPN with all its features and benefits. In case you are not satisfied with the service, you’ll get a full refund.

The free trial lets you use the VPN as if you were a paying customer. You have access to all their 5,500 servers, you benefit from their security features such as the kill-switch button and all the rest. And unlike other companies that promise full refunds but don’t follow through, NordVPN is 100% trust-worthy. In case you are not happy with their service and you request your money back, you will get them, as long as your request is submitted in the first 30 days of use.

Why should you pay for a VPN instead of using a free one?

Taking advantage of a free trial offered by a service is one thing and permanently signing up for a free service is a completely different one. Most providers (the reliable ones anyway) include the same features in their free trial as in their paid packages. Free VPNs on the other hand are full of annoying limitations: in bandwidth, in available servers, in speed and more.

A free VPN will not focus that much on your privacy and may sell your data to third-parties, for revenue.

Security is another common issue with free VPNs. The protocols used are not as secure as with paid VPNs, which makes your data more vulnerable in front of hackers.

The best thing you can do is to find a reliable VPN provider that offers a free trial. Once you’ve tested the service and ensured it meets your needs, you can opt for the best paid plan for you and enjoy all the benefits of a virtual private network.