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CyberGhostVPN: Full of features

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Nowadays, cyber-security is a must for practically everyone. In the age of internet use for all ages, everyone should know of the dangers that may lurk around the deep and vast portal.

Basically, the part of the user put at danger when browsing the internet is his/her information. This includes credit cards, money, personal information, and even home address, if vulnerable enough. This may put the user in danger if hackers target you after discovering your IP. This will be through phishing and online scams that are common and often unnoticed online. Aside from an antivirus, more protection is definitely needed online.

This is where VPNs or Virtual Private Networks come into the picture. A VPN is the user’s defence against the dangers of the internet. Think of it as your online shield, one capable of hiding your online information. This will be done by redirecting your internet into a private series of tunnels that will cover your online tracks and activities.

The question however, is, whether your chosen VPN will be of high quality. There are free VPNs for casual users to use, but for those that need utmost security and accessibility, a paid one will be better.

CyberGhostVPN prides itself to be such a service.

What exactly makes CyberGhost VPN good?

  1. Low Price and Easy Refund

This is the best thing that separates CyberGhostVPN from its peers. Because of its low price and high quality, it truly stands out from the rest.

The base price for a full month with the VPN is 12.99 dollars. Those that want to use VPN for a long-term will not be disappointed as they also offer an 18th-month package that makes you pay only 3.50 dollars per month. Their other deal is 7.99 dollars per month with a 6 month lock.

Payment methods include PayPal, Bitpay, and cash.

Aside from this, another great advantage of the VPN is their easy refund system. For an online transaction, this one might be quite a pain for customers, but with CyberGhostVPN, a “no asking” policy is implemented. There can be various reasons for wanting to refund a service, including service quality disappointment, unforeseen factors, and even internet service providers blocking the VPN network themselves.

  1. Easy To Understand Interface

With all the technological mumbo-jumbo involved in internet protocols and virtual private networks, most casual users might be intimidated before even understanding these. With CyberGhostVPN, uses are ensured to meet an interface that is very easy to understand, along with matching colors to lighten up the mood.

When opening the application, one can easily see options that will make you unblock websites that may be blocked overseas.

This will ensure a better user experience.

  1. More internet freedom

Being the main purpose of Virtual Private Networks, users are ensured to have more freedom on the internet. There are lots of ways to track users from every part of the internet, and a simple Google search can reveal your IP address within a second.

With CyberGhostVPN, users are ensured that their information and every movement on the internet is safe. This will be beneficial for private company transactions, confidential information, and basically for every user.

Along with this are perks that are definitely worth the price. Because Netflix has copyright agreements with show distributors that are only limited for certain countries or regions, some may have series that may not be available for them. With this VPN, users can hide their IP addresses to access more content.

This also includes access to the dark web, thanks to this VPN’s compatibility with TOR. This will give users total anonymity. This will be beneficial especially for those whose countries have strict censorship laws. It is also safe for torrenting for the same reasons.

  1. Lots of features

Aside from its great service, the VPN is also packed with tons of features that will surely make internet browsing faster and more secure.

First, is the capability to pick up between 59 countries for your internet browsing. This allows users to access sites that only offer access to certain regions or countries. This can be useful for sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Pandora.

It also has a no-logging policy. This means that the VPN will not keep track of the data that you browse. As someone who will use the service, it is expected that you will need privacy with the pages you visit. Some VPNs however still keep track of your information, which mainly defeats the purpose of you getting the service in the first place. CyberGhostVPN’s privacy policy proves this.

The VPN also allows users, regardless of their plan, to use the service with even seven devices. This is great news for every customer as it is not only limited to more expensive plans. This will definitely give users more opportunities to enjoy the perks of having the VPN.

  1. Excellent customer service

Nowadays, automated customer service is implemented for almost any big company that has a steady stream of complaints and reports. The automated responses are not of much help to customers as they’ll only find themselves unable to obtain answers to their questions.

With CyberGhostVPN’s live chat service, customers can talk with live customer representatives that are fully informed about every question you have. This will be a great help for those with technical questions that may be not posted on the internet. After speaking with them, a transcript of your conversation will also be sent to your e-mail, which is a great way to ensure that you will remember the tips and advises given to you during your talk with the representative.

Overall, CyberGhostVPN is a VPN service of high-quality. It is commendable for all types of users, may it be casual ones or business-types.

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