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Can you use PureVPN in Google Chrome?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 10, 2020

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What is PureVPN?

Virtual private network or VPN is one of the latest technologies in trend nowadays. It allows you to have a simple and encrypted connection over the internet. Through VPN, internet users have the ability to access their resources safely. PureVPN, a company based in HongKong, is one of the well-known and trusted VPN providers on the market right now.

Google Chrome doesn’t have a built-in VPN. It only has Incognito tab that doesn’t save browsing history, cookies and site data, and information entered in forms. Incognito tab is not very private at all so you may want to consider using PureVPN to ensure your privacy.

Can PureVPN be extended in Google Chrome?

Since PureVPN advocates internet privacy with safety, they provide Google extension. This extension comes with security centered features that users can use.

The steps that you have to follow in order to easily set-up PureVPN on Google Chrome are as follows:

First step: Go to the Chrome Store and download the PureVPN Chrome Extension.

Second step: Click ‘add extension.’

Third step: Enter your credentials and enjoy using PureVPN!

Features of PureVPN when extended with Google Chrome

Infinite Access to All Websites

Some websites are restricted, and you cannot access them if you are not from that country. While PureVPN keeps your online activity secured, you will have the chance to access websites from all around the world without limits. No more hindrances that will go along your way!

Secure your IP

Some third-party agencies have the ability to access your internet browsing activities, location, and even your device. All of these can be made by just analyzing your IP address. In addition to this, hackers also use the IP address against the owner. These are the reasons why you need to install PureVPN, and after that, you will be able to use the internet without hesitations and fear.

Advanced WebRTC

PureVPN offers high-quality WebRTC protection. It allows you to feel at ease by protecting you from people who want to bypass your VPN using your leaked IP address. With PureVPN, you don’t have to worry about this happening.

Benefits of PureVPN when extended with Google Chrome

Safe and secured

Hackers, data snoopers, and ISP providers have no chance to access your data and information with PureVPN. Everything that you send, receive, and do over the internet will only be obtained by you. Your internet connection is effectively stable by the use of advanced data encryption technologies powered by PureVPN.

Own network

750 servers located in 141 countries are what make PureVPN’s own network. Because of that, your internet connection will be fast wherever you may be in the world. While others collaborate with another party, PureVPN owns the whole structure which makes the maintenance of their network more organized than with other providers.

Gives peace of mind

PureVPN allows you to bypass their congested network for a faster internet connection. It also lets you escape and be anonymous whenever you want to. With that, no one can trace your identity that may lead to robbing your emails or even your accounts.


Compatibility is one of the best things that make PureVPN impressive. It is compatible with most devices including laptops, desktops, smartphone devices, consoles, and routers. Pure VPN also has its own exclusive software and applications.