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Are there any drawbacks to using a VPN?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 7, 2020

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The internet has provided us with many roads of opportunities with endless amounts of data available at the click of a button. We gave birth to it using our creativity and inquisitiveness to our environment. We have seen many wonders, movements, changes, and even revolutions that changed our perspective to what is happening right now.

Over the past few eras of the Internet being the forefront of our advancement as humans, it has been polluted and became a ground for bad practices from us. Notable to these practices is the invasion of rights such as our data privacy and information theft.

However, the good news remains to be under-appreciated and misunderstood. Yes, I am talking about Virtual Private Networks, or only known as VPNs. Though they sound too technical or difficult to learn, you may never know its goodness until you seek to see it. VPN is actually the needed solution to end the vilified environment the Internet had.

VPN services are not as tricky as you might guess. Its sole purpose is to give responsible freedom to digital citizens by providing a way of access to content without the prying eyes of the Internet. Yes, there are a lot of eyes coming from it. As we rely on our information, whether financial or personal purposes, to the digital world, we are giving these predators a tendency to get those data away from us.

As a solution, VPN providers offer the best features they have that live up with their commitment: security, convenience, and universal access. VPN is now making its name on the Internet industry, clear to several VPN services which offer different features and highlights, though these providers have a common denominator and are the best in their ways.

Encryption. This feature undergoes to the security feature of the VPNs. Thanks to the introducing of these kinds of networks, your information will now be safeguarded with their specially encrypted tunnel. The reason for encryption is not just to give security as it is, but it ensures the quality of data not getting compromised because of fraud and thieves prevailing. VPNs usually offer encryption features to their services such as Tor and Advanced Encryption Standards, which can be up to 256-bits.

Portability and Mobility. While other users may think VPNs can only be accessed through desktops and personal computers, I am afraid they are wrong. Owing the widespread adaptation of people to Internet-enabled smartphones and iOS devices, VPNs also opened their doors to these platforms and designed special features for them. These features are the Kill Switch mechanism, one-click feature where you can access content and connect your VPN application through your web browser, and security features for malware, phishing, and malicious ads. These VPN applications can be downloaded for free and often offer a 7-day free trial.

Encrypted Internet traffic. Like any other Internet surfers, a slow connection plus buffering and non-stop interruption make us so much upset. Who is to blame for this phenomenon? Internet providers administer bandwidth throttling to prevent traffic congestion by minimizing the surge of data passing on our devices. According to reliable sources, through VPN, your Internet traffic will be encrypted and your ISP will not see or even control it. In that way, you will be immune to the everyday struggle of netizens because of a slow connection.

Anonymity at its finest. Security is not the only concern VPN services have. They want you also to be masked when accessing off-the-shore channels and servers. In using the service, they will give you a designed IP address that will be your ‘tour ticket’ through various servers worldwide without knowing your identity. With the IP address you have, your digital oppressors, let us say, cannot get any information from you since your IP address is not static and is random. As you get unknown in the Internet world, you can get free access to everything and your worry about safety will subside.