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Are all VPN providers the same?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 7, 2020

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As VPN services offer the best and convenient Internet browsing experience with a touch of responsible freedom and privacy, competition pushes every provider beyond their limits. Competition is essential in every business because it gives every competitor a chance to craft their distinct strategies in the form of some distinct features and benefits. Providers have made many new plans to come up with something distinct and useful for their long time users and potential new customers.

Through diversity and distinctiveness brought by strategies, the emergence of new technologies and opportunities, we can say the bustling VPN market has come to its ‘golden age’ status, where features and financial plans stick not only to the basics and needs but they offer something that can persuade more digital citizens on using their product.

The Internet has been nearly polluted nowadays, and VPN services have always been giving the same things over and over, so variety came into its place and, as the title asks, the commonality among these services has been eradicated.

While most VPN services live by the same ideal that is “the liberation and privacy of the internet,” there are many features that set the providers apart. These are important when looking for a VPN provider and given below.

What sets VPN providers apart?

One point in emphasis is their mobile integration. Some VPN services only dwell within the desktop-ish devices since it is the place where the Internet was born. Because of portability and the popular demand of mobile devices worldwide, VPN has also had its momentous change and opened its way through mobile applications which offer a lot more different features than its desktop counterpart. Because of this, VPN through smartphones has expanded the road for not just its users but the providers themselves by maximizing their market and profit to the digital users who use such devices.

Next on the list we will tackle are VPN's security features. While encryption standard is often associated with Advanced Encryption Standard or AES, being used by NordVPN, a VPN provider, some providers offer double encryption and Tor or Onion to ensure that online predators and ISP, sometimes, do not get your data while you are browsing on a VPN tunnel. Some encryptions built-up in the architecture of the VPN services are used in military and data keepers from government agencies.

The third point we have here is unique features that make VPN a new thing other than what we know. These features include unlimited bandwidth hosting, a Kill Switch mechanism, 24/7 tech support, and many more. Via these new features, VPNs can now battle new dangers in Internet browsing, such as online theft, malware, phishing, fraud, and invasion of data privacy.

The next point to tackle is their pricing and tiers. Most of the VPN providers nowadays offer monthly, yearly, a biennial, or a triennial subscription which comes with discounts going up to 50%. Monthly subscription, the basic tier of some VPN services, ranges its price from $6-$15 depending on them and the features they include. While these providers offer this kind of pricing system, some others shine through seasonal deals where you can get a discount for their yearly subscription, and you can save even half of what their actual price is.

Just like with VPNs, getting yourself out of your comfort zone will lead you to your success. Despite these points explained, VPN will always be a way for digital users to enjoy a no-barrier browsing experience, with protection and assurance. The points are the reasons this network has been a great hit for digital users.