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3 Things That Can Make Your Internet Connection Slower

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated August 15, 2020

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Nowadays, the use of internet is prominent for almost anything we do. That is why we need our connection to be as fast as possible. Even the tiniest inconvenience can cause so much potential loss for users. From time, data, and even money, one cannot afford to have a slow internet connection.

If you notice your internet is suddenly becoming slower, you need to immediately address the problem. What are the most common reasons for that? If you are thinking about using a VPN then you will want to make sure you aren't suffering from any of these issues, as it will slow down your system a bit. The better quality VPN providers will not slow down your system as much as some of the smaller companies so it is really worthwhile to invest in a good quality VPN for your usage, to avoid slower internet speeds.

  1. Spyware and viruses

It is probably the most feared internet risk for many people.

When a hacker successfully bypasses your laptop’s security and firewall, not only your data (including your name, location, and credit card information) can be hacked, your internet connection’s speed may also be affected!

Aside from this, you may not even notice that your computer may be used by the hackers themselves as a crypto-currency mining gadget. The worst case scenario includes you having to reformat the laptop or computer.

This can be prevented by having anti-malware and antivirus applications. Through this, you can have security protocols that can secure you from such attacks. Using Virtual Private Networks or VPNs can also be a great deal.

  1. Your type of internet connection

Internet connection can be accessed through many mediums. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) gives you options for your internet connection. Options include:

  1. a) Dial-up connections

This one allows users to access the internet through a public switched telephone network (PSTN). This is the slowest type of internet. Check out your current connection to see if you are using this type.

  1. b) DSL or Digital Subscriber Line

Providers uses the telephone network. Through this, two frequencies, the high and low frequencies are produced. The internet is maintained through the high frequencies while the low frequencies are used by the landline. This one uses the twisted-wire copper.

  1. c) Cable

This one converts analog signals into digital ones, which makes it more efficient for internet use.

  1. d) Fiber optic

This is the fastest type of internet connection today. It uses the technology of light over an optical network. Because of this, you can literally see light pouring in case you use transparent wire for the internet connection. This can be limited to populate areas only though as it is pricey and hard to maintain.

  1. Your internet service providers

Sometimes, our own internet service providers are responsible for slow internet connections. This might be because of some hiccups in the connection or certain peak hours. Servers can sometimes be too crowded or might experience a failure sometimes. If you think this is the case, you should solve it by calling your provider to see if the problem is on their end. If it is on yours, though, supply them with information to help them solve it.

If you think one of these is causing your internet to become slower, immediately address the issue to prevent more problems in the future.