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What are the features of Wondershare Filmora?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated February 2, 2020

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Video editing software has evolved a lot since the first editing programs were developed. There are now a lot of great options to choose from that are user-friendly and really affordable, some of them even free.

Tips for choosing your video editing software

In order to find a good program that meets your needs, you have to consider a few aspects. One of them is whether the software comes with a free trial. A free trial is a good way to test the program and edit projects that are not too demanding. Free trials usually give you access to a more limited set of features but you can still do basic editing and get a fell of the software.

You should also pay attention to what features are included in the software. Video formats are important, so the larger the number of supported formats, the better: AVI, MP4, MOV are just a few examples that should definitely be on the list of accepted formats. 4K support is also helpful, because resolution improves from year to year. If you are into shooting a lot of action movies, such as those made with GoPro cameras and so on, you should also make sure your program supports this kind of editing.

Also, don’t forget about customer support, which should be top-notch, because you want to be able to get assistance in case you have any problems or questions related to the software.

Wondershare Filmora features - is it a good option to consider?

Wondershare Filmora is renowned for its user-friendliness and it is a very popular choice among beginners and casual users. It is not the most complex editing software you can find, but it does cover the basics and it is a joy to use.

The Wondershare Filmora software has released its 9th version, although the Fimora 8 version is still widely used. The software works on Windows devices and on Mac computers as well.

How much does it cost?

One of the great things about the software is that you can download a free version and get a taste of the program, its interface, tools and so on. With the free version you have access to the same features as in the paid version, except that you will have the Filmora watermark on all your projects. You won’t benefit of technical support either with it and you won’t receive free updates for life, as with the registered version.

If you choose to register the product and purchase the license, you can choose between 3 options: 1 Year subscription, Unlimited subscription and the Lifetime option.

The 1 Year option is billed annually and it costs $39.99.

The Unlimited option is billed annually and it costs $99.87.

The Lifetime option is a one-time fee of $59.99.

What do you get?

All 3 options give you access to all the features of the program and they also remove the watermark. You also get free updates and free tech support via live chat and email. You are also entitled to unlimited downloads from the Filmstocks Standard Library and access to new effects every month.

Wondershare Filmora has always attracted users with its ease of use. The program has a very straightforward interface, clean and well organized..

You can use up to 100 layers of media, you get an action cam module for action videos and also 4K support.

You can export your project on your computer, burn it on a DVD or share it on social media.

There are plenty of filters and transitions to choose from, you can speed and slow down the video, add text, cut, you get noise removal, GIF support, an audio mixer, color tuning, video stabilization and other editing tools.

If you are not looking for a complex, professional video editing solution and you are just a casual user looking for a more basic but simple and straightforward program at a fair price, you should definitely give Wondershare Filmora a chance.