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Filmora 8 Overview - Should you buy this software?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated January 29, 2020

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  •    Excellent application for amateur video editors
  •    Has 100+ pre-set transitions, filters, and elements
  •    Straightforward interface
  •    Supports 4K video


  •    Need to download more pre-sets even after installation
  •    Limited audio tracks


Filmora 8 is one of the best video editing software for those looking for straightforward and simple features. It is easy to understand and master. It has a lot of pre-sets for transitions, filters, and elements. It can also support 4K videos. It has a “Full Feature Mode” and an “Easy Mode” depending on the need for editing.

Review of Filmora 8

Wondershare is a company founded back in 2003 with the release of its product Wondershare Photo2VCD. Their flagship product, the PPT2DVD was released in 2004. They are known for making software products for PDFs, videos, and the likes.

Filmora 8 is one of the best video editors for beginners. Boasting a wide variety of features that are easy to grasp and understand, it is the best app for amateur edits, vlogs, and similar projects.


The interface for Filmora 8 is unique for its dark blue skin and its minimalist feel. Everything is instantly laid out as you open the application, including the chosen ratio for your video. Staying true to their friendliness for newer users, two features are offered by the application including a “Full Feature Mode” and an “Easy Mode”. An “Instant Cutter” and “Action Cam Tool” are also offered in case you don’t need to use more features for the video you will edit.

The “Full Feature Mode” includes a timeline, a preview screen, and a space for your imported video and audio. Tools for editing can easily be seen in the interface, including features like Music, Text/Credit, Transitions, Filter, Overlays, Elements, Split Screen, Media, and Export. It can also edit 4K videos.

Compared to a similar app, the Vegas Pro, the Filmora 8 is more straightforward and cleanly arranged. The usual clutter of features shown in professional apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is replaced by a simple menu that shows just what an average person would edit in a video. Although this is a pro, it can also be seen as a downgrade for those looking for more to add in their videos.  

Features of Filmora 8

Almost all of their features have pre-sets that can be used by simply clicking and dragging it on the timeline. This helps create easy transitions, add creative title cards, and put a variety of filters. Unlimited videos can be added to a project. Two videos or more can also be played at the same frame if needed.

Audio can be easily edited while being used. You can easily edit speed, duration, volume, fade in, fade out, pitch, equalizer, and the noise using sliders.

When you are finished with the video, you can choose to export it to a variety of gadgets like iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4, and others. You can also export it in WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, and other formats. Rendering times depend on your computer’s specs. Upon testing, there are almost no issues in the final product once exported.

Filmora 8 has some problems in terms of limiting users, though. Filters are limited in use in order to prevent over-filtering. Adding audio is also limited up to two for specific frames. This makes it necessary for a third-party audio editing application for more complicated clips.

The need to download audio and additional filters while using the application can also be a nuisance if you are in a hurry. This ensures easy downloading, though.

General review of Filmora 8

The Filmora 8 is a recommended video editor for those new to video editing. It has a lot of presets that can be used to create unique and creative videos. Its interface is clean and easy to understand. It is not recommended for those looking for more complicated features for more serious videos, though.