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Filmora 8 Overview - Features and benefits

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 29, 2020

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  •    Friendly for amateur users
  •    Can edit 4K videos
  •    Has pre-set for filters and text transitions
  •    Minimalist interface
  •    Fast and reliable export


  •    Limit in audio and filters
  •    The need to download pre-sets after the initial download


Filmora 8 Overview

Filmora 8 is one of the best applications for beginners in video-editing. It is one of the easiest and accessible to use. It was made by the company Wondershare which started in 2003 with Photo2VCD. They are known for making software products for videos and office files. Filmora 8 is specifically for beginners who would like to use it for vlogs, basic video edits, and compilations of both images and videos.

Filmora 8 Features

All of the features of Filmora 8 are accessible and easy to use. They also have pre-sets that you can use by simply clicking and dragging to the timeline. It is easily applied for users to be able to add different moods and color to their video. You will need to download this as you are working as they are not included in the original file.

This convenience is also available for adding transitions, adding filters, and having creative title cards. Depending on the video, you can choose the direction from which text will appear from and how it will be animated. This makes it easier to create creative infographics and videos that will feature a lot of text.

Adding audio is also simplified with Filmora. You can add from a variety of audio files that you can easily cut, add volume, and edit the speed of. This can all be controlled using sliders. You can also put layers of different audio.  

You are given many types of file for export. This includes MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, MOV, and others. You can also choose to export it to specific gadgets like iPad, PS4, Xbox, and Android. Exporting is quick but will depend upon the hardware specs of the computer that you are using.

Filtering is limited in order to prevent oversaturation and loss of quality. Audio is also limited up to two tracks for specific frames in the video which can be limited for some. For those wanting to put more audio, you may need to use a third-party application where you can mix files. The limit for this may be to retain the quality of the files that you will need. This will be not a problem for those making amateur edits.


Filmora 8 is made to be able to be used for full video edits or minimal edits. Aside from this, it is also capable of editing 4K videos which is a remarkable feature.

The application welcomes its users by showing the ratios available for the application. You can either choose a 4:3 ratio or a 16:9 ratio for your videos. You can also choose either the “Full Feature Mode” or the “Easy Mode”. The latter only lets you use the most basic and important parts of the video editor. The “Instant Cutter” and the “Action Cam Tool” is also offered.

The Full Feature Mode gives you access to the timeline and a preview screen. It also includes the tools Filters, Elements, Overlays, Transitions, Split Screen, Media, Export, and Music.

The application has dark blue skin that gives it a minimalist design.

Filmora 8 review

Filmora 8 is a standout application that is a good application for amateurs and for those looking for simple controls. It is capable of editing 4K videos which makes it a good option for vlogging and travel videos. It also has all the important tools for editing both video and audio.