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What does a system optimizer do?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 10, 2020

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As we use a computer, we continuously download, uninstall, and move files. Because of this, the overall performance of the computer, may it be for booting up, processing, and the likes can be slower over time. System optimizers are applications built to improve the performance of the computer.

How does it improve the performance of the computer?

System optimizers have a variety of tools to do this. These are some of the them:

  • Disk defragmentation – This is the process of gathering all of the fragmented files that can be seen in the hard drive of the computer. Because of continuously writing information to the disk, there may not be enough space to store future files. The use of storage algorithms makes it available for these spaces to be used efficiently. Once this is done, the retrieval of data whenever opening an application is more efficiently done. This will drastically improve the performance of your computer. 
  • Registry cleaning – The registry of the computer is responsible for keeping track of all the applications that are currently installed on the computer. Installing and uninstalling applications for your computer is natural over time. However, doing this often may lead to the registry having gaps in between data that may cause a longer time for computer and application startup. Registry cleaning allows you to reduce these spaces left by uninstalled applications and improves the performance of your computer.
  • Increased security – Some system optimizers can also improve the performance of your computer by removing all threats in terms of security. Browsing online can cause your computer to be infected by malicious software. System optimizers can be used to isolate these files. It will let the users decide whether some of these files are dangerous and also give them the option to delete them. Some of these include adware, spyware, trojans, rootkits, worms, and others. The worst that you can get in terms of affecting computer performance is the bitcoin miner software which can significantly reduce the memory of your machine.
  • Driver updating – The drivers of your computer are responsible for making necessary parts of your computer work such as graphics, audio, and the likes. These drivers are constantly updated by their manufacturers like Nvidia, Realtek, Intel, and others. System optimizers can be used to automatically update these applications if your computer is connected online. Aside from improving the performance of your computer, it can also make some dysfunctional features work. 
  • Hardware specifications – One of the major reasons for the downgrade of your computer in terms of performance is the hardware itself. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed with the software and only with the physical upgrading of the faulty parts. However, system optimizers can be used to determine which specific parts of the computer are causing the downgrade in performance. For example, hard disks that cannot accommodate the number of files in your computer may be given as a reason. High operating temperature due to the lack of proper ventilation can also be a reason for this. 
  • Easy to use interface – Most system optimizers take interface as a priority. This is because they are specially catered towards users that are not tech-savvy and knowledgeable in terms of configuring their computers for better performance. Each of the features in their applications has guides to make the job easier for users. 

Are they necessary?

System optimizers are necessary for your computer. This is because they have a variety of tools that users can take advantage of to look for any possible way to increase the performance of their machine. Aside from this, it is one of the safest ways of configuring your software. This is especially important as handling the software incorrectly may result in the corruption of specific applications or the entire system. To prevent this, system optimizers create backup versions of your current working settings as to revert it to this in case its configurations fail.

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