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What is a junk cleaner?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 17, 2021

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PC Junk cleaners are tools used to lessen the current files inside your computer. The files that are prioritized for cleaning are mostly those that are leftovers of programs or some files that you haven’t used in a long time. When this data is compiled, it takes up a lot of space in your computer and prevents you from downloading more.

What are junk files?

The junk files in your computer are the ones that are not beneficial for the user. Most of these are back-up files that have been forgotten by the user. Specifically, the following are the most common junk files found in people’s computers:

  • Internet files– Whenever visiting a website, the web browser may occasionally create temporary internet files. These are used to speed up the loading of the website. However, these files are useless afterwards especially when the program is closed or uninstalled. These files are safe to delete from the computer
  • Leftovers from installation– Whenever you install applications, there are bits and remnants of files that are left over. These can hog some storage of your computer even if it is unnecessary. You can delete them as to have more space
  • Thumbnails– The little previews of the image files on your computer may also be considered junk files. Their sole purpose is to provide a short glimpse of the image before you open it. This is why they can be deleted in order to save more space
  • Recycle bin– In case you are the type of user who presses just “Delete” for applications instead of doing so along with the Shift” button, you may notice that these files are only stored in the recycle bin of the computer. This gives you the chance to later restore them if you need to. If you are sure that you won’t be revisiting these files, you may delete them totally to save more space on your hard drive

Why should you delete them?

  1. Having more space on the hard drive– By deleting the additional junk files on your computer, you are given more space to download more files. This is especially important for those who are still using HDD storage devices as these are prone to file fragmentation (which causes a decrease in computer performance) when it has too much files on the disk. Using a junk cleaner, you are given more ways to clean by removing browser extensions, unnecessary applications, or even left-over codes

  2. Better stability of your system– Aside from cleaning junk files on your computer, a junk cleaner can also clean your registry. This part of your computer keeps track of all the applications stored on it. By removing the corrupt entries inside it, you can have a better system stability. You are also given the option to review the current entries that you wish to keep and those that should be uninstalled from your system

  3. Better computer performance– Included in the junk that can be cleaned from your computer are system cache files, browser caches, logs, and others. Once these are cleaned, the performance of your computer improves. Aside from this, you are also given the option to change the programs that will open during start-up. With fewer applications during this process, you can open the PC faster

  4. Better uninstallation – Contrary to popular belief, uninstalling a program does not mean that every part of it is deleted from your system. Some leave behind additional files and junk that are unnecessary. Using a junk cleaner makes it easier to spot these and remove them from your system

  5. Better privacy – Because some files you delete are confidential, it is best for you to make sure they are permanently out of your system. As some documents create a backup version of themselves, using a junk cleaner makes sure that every part of the document is deleted