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What are system optimizers and what is Restoro?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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Restoro is an application that promises to improve computer performance with minimal user effort. Such a promise of the app naturally makes some doubt its safety and its genuineness especially because of the abundance of malware disguised as apps like these online. This article will be a thorough check of what the application does, how safe it is for the computer, and what it can do for your computer.

What are system optimizers?

Restoro is a system optimizer. These are applications which are generally equipped with dozens of features, each of them targeting a specific issue within the computer. Some must-have features of system optimizers include registry optimizers, Windows Files optimizers, and hard disk cleaners. These are all contained in one application which removes the need for users to purchase individual applications for each.

System optimizers are generally designed for beginner users who are not that knowledgeable with the computer. After all, fixing the issues of the PC by yourself may be a cause for some parts to be accidentally damaged in the process. Because of this, system optimizers can run with only a couple of clicks from the user. It is not limited to beginners, though, as it is also recommended for those who want to save time and effort in fixing the PC.  Doing everything manually may take hours, after all.

What is Restoro?

Restoro is a system optimizer available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Such compatibility allows it to match almost any PC currently. It also runs with minimal tech specifications which is why the app can be downloaded by anyone. The application comes with a free and a paid version, the difference being the features included in each. The application is recommended for you if your computer is starting to show issues of slow performance, frequent lagging, and crashing applications.

How does Restoro fix your computer?

Restoro works in three steps.

First, upon installation, it will do a full scan of the computer’s different issues. In this part, it will go through every part of the hard disk and consult the condition of the operating system. It will also check for the condition of the hardware along with the integrity of the computer’s security. This process takes only a couple of minutes to finish but may take longer depending on the number of issues the PC is currently facing. Those who are using the free version will only have this feature of the app. After scanning, they would have to fix the issues manually. Even with this, it is still largely usable as a quick report of everything you have to fix will be handed out to you.

After this, users who use the paid version will be guided to the next step. Here, the application will assign the different issues faced by the computer to its different features. For example, issues in the registry will be fixed by the Registry Optimizer. This is the most crucial part in fixing the computer. Even with this, the app barely affects computer memory while working which shows that it does not slow down your PC when being used. This is why you can still use other applications freely while the app is running. This is extremely convenient for those who are always working on their computers.

Lastly, the application will then notify the users about the different issues that have been fixed by the software. They are then free to either start another system optimizing process to ensure that every issue has been fixed or do so at a later date which is more recommended. Typically, issues inevitably form within a month of regular usage which is why it is important to use Restoro on a schedule.

Is Restoro safe?

Upon scanning with our antivirus application, Restoro turned out to be a safe application. It is not a form of malware. It also made our PC faster and fixed the different system issues that we regularly faced before. Lastly, the application has a reliable agreement that says that it does not keep track of your activities, get your private information, and do anything to cause slower computer performance.


In the end, Restoro is a very good application to use for improving system performance. It provides all-around fixes for different Windows issues and does so in a quick and easy way. It comes in a very intuitive application that shows its features simply which makes it friendly for all users. It is also compatible with a lot of computers.