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Is Advanced System Optimizer any good?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated January 21, 2020

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System optimizers are complex utility apps that help you restore your computer to its peak performance, by performing a number of necessary tasks. All systems become cluttered after a while, from the large number of apps we constantly install and uninstall, from constantly moving around files and folders and so on. Not every user is aware of the fact that when you uninstall a program, the uninstaller doesn’t always remove all the files of the app from your device. More often than you think, files are left behind in the Windows registry and will cause problems sooner or later.

What are system optimizers and what can they do for your computer?

System optimizers perform various actions that help your computer run better: they defrag your disk, they search for viruses and malware and remove it, they clean your Windows registry, they delete old, duplicate or/and unnecessary files, they optimize your Start by closing apps that don’t have to start with Windows and more. By cleaning your system, getting rid of all the clutter and freeing up disk space, your PC will be optimized and its overall performance boosted.

Although system optimizers are unquestionably useful, a lot of software developers are too aggressive when it comes to advertising their product so people become rather annoyed and skeptical about using these apps. A lot of users mistake them by viruses and other threats and avoid them at all cost, which is a shame, because there are some reliable and trust-worthy apps out there, which can only help your device work better. Systweak is such a software developer and Advanced System Optimizer is a great example of a useful system optimizer.

What is Advanced System Optimizer?

Systweak describes Advanced System Optimizer as ‘the most powerful cleanup and optimization software’ available for Windows computers. This app works on all Windows versions from XP and up (XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – 32 and 64-bit).

Systweak has been around since 1999 and it is renowned for other utility apps as well, such as: Advanced Identity Protector, Right Backup, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Advanced Driver Updater, RegClean Pro and others. They also have apps for Mac and mobile devices (iOS and Android) but Advanced System Optimizer works exclusively on Windows.

What is the price of Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer comes with one-year licenses you can purchase for only $50 and in this price, you also get a free lifetime license for one of Systweak’s photo editing apps, PhotoStudio v2.1.

With PhotoStudio, you can look for digital images, capture images of desktop and apps, redesign images, add visual effects to your images and more.

What features are included with Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer has a free version as well, that can easily be downloaded from Systweak’s website. This version is a good way for you to test the software, its interface and tools. However, it is limited to just that and the only thing you can do with it for your PC is to run a scan. You can’t take any measures to improve the performance of your computer with the free version, you have to purchase a license for that.

The licensed version of the software is a complex cleaner and optimizer that comes with various useful tools:

  • It cleans your system of junk and frees up disk space; your PC will run faster and you’ll get fewer crashes; the app also creates restore points in case you accidentally delete data that is important
  • It has a game optimizing feature that blocks annoying notifications, instant messages and so on, so you can enjoy a relaxing, uninterrupted gaming experience; you’ll also get rid of frame rate slowdowns and stuttering audio
  • Advanced System Optimizer comes with a driver updating feature; updating to the latest versions of your drivers will make your PC faster
  • It acts as a system protector, by monitoring your PC on a 24/7 basis, detecting and blocking any type of malware and keeping all your sensitive data safe
  • It has a disk optimizing tool that will make your files load faster, will reduce failures and crashes and defrag disks, including those that are very full

Advanced System Optimizer has uninstalling guidelines as well, in case you want to remove the app from your computer. You’ll be guided throughout the entire process, with specific steps for all Windows versions.

All in all, we consider Advanced System Optimizer a reliable and complex system optimizer, affordable, user-friendly and rich in features.