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Advanced System Repair: How can it improve my computer’s performance?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated April 17, 2021

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A computer that is used for a long time may naturally have a slower performance. This is attributed to multiple factors such as corrupted software, an outdated hardware, and a full storage drive. These can easily be fixed without a visit from a technician, though.

Advanced System Repair is a computer-optimizing application. It has a lot of features such as speedup, memory management, storage cleaning that can drastically improve the performance of your computer. It is compatible with any Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 devices.

How can it improve my computer’s performance?

Advanced System Repair uses a lot of tools to ensure a better performance for your computer. These include the removal of malware, defragmentation, and storage cleaning.


Your hard drive is filled with thousands of different blocks, each of them assigned to a different file for organizing. The information stored on your hard drive are arranged next to each other and is easily retrieved whenever you need to use it.

However, as time passes by, continuously installing and uninstalling files may result to these blocks of information being scattered all over your hard drive. This results to your computer having to process even the gaps in between. This leads to longer loading times and a slower overall performance. The problem is called fragmentation.

Defragmentation is the process of fixing these files for them to be orderly and easier to read. Although it may take some time to do this, the benefit (faster computer performance) is worth the wait.

To start a defragmentation with Advanced System Repair, you will only need to select the tool from the main interface. From here, you can see crucial information such as total number of files in your computer along with a graphic representation of the organization of files in your system.

The defragmentation of the computer is important to do every couple of weeks as to ensure maximum performance. This is because fragmentation easily happens if you are an active user.

Malware removal

Downloading from the internet always carries the risk of getting malware into your computer. Malware are files that are malicious and have the sole purpose of damaging your computer. This can happen by drastically decreasing the speed of your computer, converting it into a Bitcoin miner, or just making it unusable.

While there are programs such as Kaspersky and Norton that are dedicated for removing malware and viruses, Advanced System Repair has these tools along with others for improving the performance of your computer.

Its interface is easy to understand. With a simple click, you can see the number of objects detected to be malware on your computer. The names of these files are listed while you scan them along with their level of severity. You can save some files that you do not consider dangerous while deleting the rest. This process is especially important for those who store confidential information within their system, which malware can easily access.

In the past there have been programs that looked like they were doing a very in depth scan and found lots of random malicious programs; but in reality it was all a lie and provided false positives to get you to buy the program. We can assure you that Advanced System Repair is not a scam like some of these other pieces of malware. 

Hard drive cleaning and privacy scan

You may also have residual files in your computer that may cause slower performance. This is because uninstallations do not always guarantee that every part of the application is cleared.

Upon installation, Advanced System Repair instantly scans your system to gather information. It tells you the total size of your hard drive along with the percentage of free space left. It will also warn you if you are close to reaching the limit.

Using the Junk files feature, you can see all the parts of your computer that are taking up space even though they have no real significance. Typically, these files are stored in the Recycle Bin, in the Temporary File folder and others. They are displayed along with the amount of space that they take up on the computer. With just one click, you can delete these and significantly increase the performance of your computer.

Aside from cleaning junk files in your system, Advanced System Repair can also improve the privacy of your computer. Without your consent, tracking cookies may already be present in your computer, facilitated by all your downloads. Examples of tracking cookies are Intel, Revenuewire, Bing, AmericanExpress, and others. While they may not be harmful to your computer’s performance, they may still lead to a lack of privacy. This is because they are used for revenue for you to receive advertisements.


With all of these in mind, Advanced System Repair Pro is a top system optimizer and it can help in improving the overall performance of your computer. By cleaning the hard drive, removing malware from your computer, and through disk defragmentation, you can return your computer to its peak performance. Advanced System Repair is recommended to those who use their computers regularly and for those who install and uninstall a lot of applications. If you need an even more in depth disucssion please read our Advanced System Repair Pro Review for everything we couldn't fit in this article.